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Sunday, September 16th

Boardwalk Empire, season premiere at 9pm on HBO

Monday, September 17th

Bones, season premiere at 8pm on FOX

The Mob Doctor, series premiere at 9pm on FOX

Be Good Johnny Weir, season premiere at 10pm on Logo

Revolution, series premiere at 10pm on NBC

Tuesday, September 18th

Death and the Civil War, miniseries premiere at 9pm on PBS

Best in TV: The Greatest TV Shows of Our Time With Barbara Walters, 2-hour special at 9pm on ABC

Wednesday, September 19th

Survivor: Philippines, season premiere from 8pm to 9:30pm on CBS

South Beach Tow, season premiere at 9:30pm on truTV

Thursday, September 20th

SNL Primetime Election Special, special at 8pm on NBC

– The very popular election-themed special scored massive ratings and memorable skits four years ago when Fey did Palin. Expect more of those great gems this week and the following in this 2-part special.

Up All Night, season premiere at 8:30pm on NBC

The Office, season premiere at 9pm on NBC

Parks & Recreation, season premiere at 9:30pm on NBC


The Big Bang Theory, season premiere at 8pm on CBS

– The hit comedy sitcom that seeks to rival NBC’s successful Thursday night comedy block opens its fifth season with two back-to-back new episodes. Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons in his Emmy-award winning role) are brilliant physicists who work at the California Institute of Technology. They have the kind of “beautiful minds” that understand how the universe works. But none of that genius helps them interact with people, especially women. All this begins to change when a free-spirited beauty named Penny, a blonde waitress and aspiring actress, moves in next door. Sheldon, Leonard’s roommate, is quite content spending his nights playing Klingon Boggle with their socially dysfunctional friends, fellow CalTech scientists Howard Wolowitz and Raj Koothrappali. However, Leonard sees in Penny a whole new universe of possibilities… including love. Leonard and Penny’s relationship has been on and off over the past four years, and last season Penny regretted breaking up with Leonard and was jealous of his current girlfriend Priya, Raj’s sister. In the season 4 finale, Raj and Penny had too much wine and wound up in bed together with no recollection of what happened that night…but their clothes were missing so you can put the pieces together…Producers told The Hollywood Reporter their drunken hook-up will be addressed in the season premiere, and as can be expected, Leonard doesn’t take the news well. Meanwhile, Leonard will have to deal with Priya moving back to India and trying to make a long-distance relationship work.

Charlie’s Angels, series premiere at 8pm on ABC

– Everyone deserves a second chance – even a thief, a street racer and a corrupt cop. After all, the three women who solve cases for their elusive boss, Charlie Townsend, are no saints. They’re angels… Charlie’s Angels. Set and filmed in Miami, this remake of the 1970s smash hit series from executive producer Drew Barrymore introduces us to three new angels, all fearless detectives, head-turning beauties and close friends. There’s Abby (Grey’s Anatomy’s Rachael Taylor), a Park Avenue princess who became a world-class thief. Then there’s Kate (Annie Ilonzeh), a Miami cop who fell from grace, losing both her career and her fiancé. Finally there’s Gloria, a disgraced army lieutenant who has a way with explosives. When one of the angels’ missions ends in Gloria’s tragic death, Charlie persuades them to partner with Gloria’s childhood friend, Eve (Parenthood’s Minka Kelly), a street racer with a mysterious past. They may not know each other yet, but one thing’s for sure — Abby, Kate and Eve will always have each others’ backs. The angels are rounded out by the new Bosley (Ramon Rodriguez), a hot, young computer hacker who helps them solve cases and enjoys being surrounded by powerful, beautiful women.

Community, season premiere at 8pm on NBC

– Or as I like to call it, the little show that does so much. Despite being very underrated and undeservedly so, this comedy series is an all-around winner that never ceases to amaze and entertain, from guest spots by the brilliant Betty White to its stop-motion holiday episode to its Dungeons and Dragons imaginary episode to its double episode Western-themed paintball season 2 finale, this show has so much heart in addition to its smart and funny writing.  From Dan Harmon (The Sarah Silverman Program) and Emmy Award winners Joe and Anthony Russo (Arrested Development), this series revolves around a band of misfits who attend Greendale Community College. At the center of the group is Jeff Winger (Joel McHale, The Soup), a fast-talking lawyer whose degree has been revoked. With some help from his fellow classmates, Winger forms a study group that eventually learns more about themselves than their course work. Also among the series stars who comprise the group are comedy legend Chevy Chase (Chuck) as Pierce, a man whose life experience has brought him infinite wisdom; Gillian Jacobs (The Book of Daniel) as Britta, the 20-something dropout with something to prove; Yvette Nicole Brown (Rules of Engagement) as Shirley, a sassy middle-aged divorcée; Danny Pudi (Greek) as Abed, a pop culture junkie; Alison Brie (Mad Men) as Annie, a high-strung perfectionist; Donald Glover (30 Rock) as Troy, a former high school football star trying to find his way, and Ken Jeong (The Hangover) as former professor Señor Chang who got the boot at the end of season 1 for not having his teaching certification and enrolls as a student, then forces himself into the study group. At the end of last season, it was revealed Winger was having secret sex with Britta all year but had also kissed Annie. McHale tells EW this year Winger will have to choose one, and he is leaning towards Annie. Click here to watch a brilliant film noir montage of season 2 on nbc.com that portrays the fun-loving show as a moody psycho-sexual thriller revolving around this love triangle!

Parks and Recreation, season premiere at 8:30pm on NBC

– The now critically acclaimed series (star Amy Poehler received a much-deserved Emmy nod for her work last season) is returning for an amazing fourth season and all the word-of-mouth buzz suggests this season might be the highest-rated yet. The mockumentary comedy from the producers of The Office stars SNL’s Poehler as Leslie Knope, Deputy Director of the Department of Parks and Recreation in the small city of Pawnee, Indiana. The ever-optimistic, kind-hearted, and overly ambitious Knope never tires of trying to make her quintessentially American town just a little bit more fun and beautiful even though no one else in her department, or her town for that matter, gives a crap. The series not only features smart, witty writing, and hilarious storylines, but also one of the best ensemble casts on television. Leslie’s office mate is Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari aka my homeboy, ‘nuff said), a fashion-obsessed wannabe player whose greatest dream is to own his own nightclub. Leslie’s boss, Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman, Children’s Hospital), hates the very government he works for, and sports one of the most impressive moustaches on primetime television. Rounding out the cast are Leslie’s best friend Ann (Rashida Jones, I Love You, Man, The Office), her ex-boyfriend Andy (Chris Pratt, Everwood), and Ron’s assistant April (Aubrey Plaza, Funny People), who is dating and very much in love with Andy. The addition of Adam Scott (Party Down) and the divinely beautiful Rob Lowe (Brothers and Sisters, The West Wing) as regular cast members portraying government officials Ben Wyatt and Chris Traeger during the entire third season was a delight that elevated the series to another level. This season we can expect it to get even better (if that’s even possible, its pretty freakin’ awesome as is already) as Leslie tackles her internal dilemma regarding whether to date her coworker Ben or pursue her dream of running for elected office.

Grey’s Anatomy, season premiere at 9pm on ABC

– The hit medical drama enters its eighth season dealing with a lot of the loose ends left hanging in the season finale. Before we breaked for summer, Karev accidentally ratted out Meredith for messing with the clinical trial, resulting not only in her expected firing this season which we see in the promos but also in Derek leaving her for jeopardizing his whole clinical trial, just as the two are granted the adoption of little baby Zola. In the premiere, Mer-Der are still very much not the great couple we’ve become accustomed to seeing in the past few seasons since Derek feels very betrayed by Meredith’s actions but they are forced to come together nonetheless for baby Zola’s health. At the end of last season, Christina also realized she is pregnant and Owen kicked her out of the house because she insisted on having an abortion. So while the dark twisty sisters have enjoyed a few years of pleasant relationship happiness, they are now back to being single (hopefully only temporarily). Also, in the season finale it was revealed that the uptight and by-the-book April Kepner got the very competitive position of Chief Resident. This season, April will not only have to deal with all the responsibilities that come with that, but also work on earning the respect of her colleagues so that they can follow her directions, which is not so easy for the girl who is the biggest push-over on the show. Also this season, Karev is single and bitter after he told Dr. Lucy Fields (Rachel Taylor, one of Charlie’s Angels in the new ABC remake) to go to hell instead of asking her not to go to Africa for a great job opportunity she basically stole from under him, marking her departure from the show.

The Office, season premiere at 9pm on NBC

– Much suspicion regarding casting surrounds this season of the mockumentary series that explores the humorous and sometimes poignant foolishness that plagues the world of 9-to-5 based on the award-winning BBC hit. The recent departure of regional manager Michael Scott (Steve Carell), after 19 years of service, and the unexpected medical leave of his successor Deangelo Vickers have left many vying for the coveted manager position, including a few internal candidates. One startling move that did transpire during the interview process was the hiring of the weirdly charming and manipulative Robert California (James Spader, “Boston Legal”) by Dunder Mifflin Sabre CEO Jo Bennett. Robert accepted the regional manager job and quickly realized he was meant for something bigger, convincing Jo to step down and appoint him as the new CEO. Spader will be guest starring in the season premiere but once he leaves, who will be Michael’s successor? That’s the biggest question that looms over this season of the hit comedy series, especially when considering the in-house options…The loyal and often times unmotivated staff includes sales rep Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) who shares his working space with Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) the arrogant assistant to the regional manager whose responsibilities have expanded as the new owner of the office building. Pam Beesly Halpert (Jenna Fischer) is the former office receptionist now office administrator married to Jim, with one baby at home and another on the way. Ryan Howard (B.J. Novak, Inglorious Basterds) is the young, smart, former temp, whose fall from grace as a Dunder Mifflin executive quickly landed him back at the bottom of the food chain in Scranton. Andy Bernard (Ed Helms, The Hangover) is the preppy salesman and die-hard Cornell alum whose endless and unique musical talents keep the office entertained. A surprising relationship has also formed between Andy and the ambitious distribution coordinator Darryl Philbin (Craig Robinson, Hot Tub Time Machine), who moved his office from the warehouse to the main floor alongside Michael and his staff.

Person of Interest, series premiere at 9pm on CBS

– This critics’ pick of new fall series stars Jim Caviezel, Emmy Award winner Michael Emerson and Academy Award nominee Taraji P. Henson in a crime thriller about a presumed dead former-CIA agent, Reese (Caviezel), who teams up with a mysterious billionaire, Finch (Emerson), to prevent violent crimes by using their own brand of vigilante justice. Reese’s special training in covert operations appeals to Finch, a software genius who invented a program that uses pattern recognition to identify people about to be involved in violent crimes. Using state-of-the-art surveillance technology, the two work outside of the law, using Reese’s adept skills and Finch’s unlimited wealth to unravel the mystery of the Person of Interest and stop the crime before it happens. Reese’s actions draw the attention of the NYPD, including homicide detective Carter (Henson), and Fusco, a cop whom Reese uses to his advantage. With infinite crimes to investigate, Reese and Finch find that the right person, with the right information, at the right time, can change everything.

Whitney, series premiere at 9:30pm on NBC

– NBC’s new multi-camera comedy named after and starring its creator Whitney Cummings from Chelsea Lately is a hilarious look at modern day love, which centers around Whitney and Alex (Chris D’Elia, Glory Daze), a happily unmarried couple. Together for three years, the duo is in no rush to get hitched, which seems to get a mixed response from their friends. Whitney’s close circle of girlfriends includes, on one side, Lily, a romantic idealist who loves being in love, and on the other, Roxanne, a recent divorcee who is practical, cynical and dreading being single again. Lily and Roxanne’s opposing points of view only exacerbate Whitney’s own complicated outlook on relationships. Completing their close-knit group is Neal, a real modern day Renaissance man – sensitive and cool, who knows a little bit about everything and happens to be dating Lily. On the other end of the spectrum is Whitney and Alex’s next-door neighbor Mark, a police officer and total bachelor, who claims to be the ultimate player, but likes to talk a good game. At the end of the day, Whitney and Alex try to have a relationship on their own terms – in a world that expects a more traditional approach.

The Mentalist, season premiere at 10pm on CBS

– The hit crime procedural stars Golden Globe Award nominee Simon Baker as Patrick Jane, an independent consultant with the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI), who has a remarkable track record for solving serious crimes by using his razor sharp skills of observation. Before working for the CBI, he was a very successful fake psychic, until serial killer Red John murdered his wife and daughter in retaliation for Jane’s televised mocking. The murder of his family left Jane devoid of much empathy and feeling. Combined with his con artist upbringing, this has made him a cold and uncaring person with deep anger issues. He hides this by being charming and carefree. Despite this, Jane has started to develop close friendships with his colleagues, especially Agent Lisbon (Robin Tunney). He often shows his darker side concerning Red John, the serial killer who murdered his family. In the season finale, Patrick set an elaborate trap designed to expose and snare Red John’s mole inside the CBI. Mission accomplished: The traitor turned out to be FBI agent Craig O’Laughlin (Eric Winter), who outed himself by trying to assassinate Virgil’s replacement, Madeleine Hightower (Aunjanue Ellis), who had been framed for murder and gone into hiding, protected by Jane and Lisbon. Jane had Lisbon dial the last number on O’Laughlin’s number and a man sitting near Jane in a shopping mall answered the phone in Red John’s fake high tenor. Jane finally came face to face with the mysterious and elusive Red John, and the monster turned out to be Bradley Whitford, the former star of The West Wing and The Good Guys. He shot Red John three times then calmly proceeded to finish drinking his tea as cops swarmed in to arrest him.

Prime Suspect, series premiere at 10pm on NBC

– Based on the critically acclaimed British television series of the same name, Prime Suspect has been redeveloped for American audiences by producers Alexandra Cunningham (Desperate Housewives) and Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights). The crime drama stars Maria Bello (A History of Violence) as tough-as-nails NYPD homicide Detective Jane Timoney, an outsider who has just transferred to a new squad where her new colleagues already dislike her. Jane is confident and focused – and also rude, abrupt and occasionally reckless. She has her vices, and rumors of a questionable past follow her everywhere – but at the end of the day, she’s an instinctively brilliant cop who can’t be distracted from the only important thing: the prime suspect.

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New Premieres in TV: Friday, September 23rd

My Generation, series premiere at 8pm on ABC

– This new faux-documentary drama series is based on a hit Swedish show that highlights the difference ten years can make when you go from being a high school student to an adult. In 2000, a documentary crew followed a disparate group of nine high schoolers from Greenbelt High School in Austin, TX as they prepare for graduation. Ten years later, camera crews revisit these former classmates as they return home to rediscover that just because they’re not where they planned doesn’t mean they’re not right where they need to be. It’s basically like a ten-year high school reunion that is both extremely gratifying for some people and awkward/embarrassing for others. How long can this fun little reunion last? Half a season, I predict.

Bones, season premiere at 8pm on FOX

– Bones, a darkly amusing procedural entering its sixth season, is inspired by real-life forensic anthropologist and novelist Kathy Reichs. Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) is a highly skilled forensic anthropologist who works at the Jeffersonian Institute in Washington, D.C., and writes novels on the side. When the standard methods of identifying a body are useless (when the remains are so badly decomposed, burned or destroyed), law enforcement calls on Brennan for her uncanny ability to read clues left behind in the victim’s bones.While most people can’t handle Brennan’s intelligence, Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) of the FBI’s Homicide Investigations Unit is an exception. A former Army sniper, Booth mistrusts science and scientists – the “squints,” as he calls them – but even he cannot deny that the combination of his people-smarts and Brennan’s scientific acumen makes them a formidable duo. As Season Six begins, Cam finds her job as a federal medical examiner and her reputation in danger due to a stalled case involving the remains of a child on her pathology table. Also this season, Booth has moved on emotionally after he professed his love to Brennan and she rejected him, so he has entered into a serious relationship with a war correspondent who followed him back to the States from Afghanistan.

Community, season premiere at 8pm on NBC

– This marks the second, and what should be the last year at Glendale Community College and I’m already concerned as to how we’re gonna keep this hysterical group together! This hidden gem transformed from being an easy-going, why not kind of show to laugh out loud hilarious with priceless moments I still remember and bring up in daily conversations. Last season Britta and Professor Slater both declared their love for Jeff but he realized, in a total twist, that he likes Annie and planted a big smooch on her. DRAMA! Well, thankfully they’ll deal with that elephant in the season premiere. Another thing to look forward to: the most coveted woman in the entertainment industry, Betty White, guest stars as a really insane Anthropology Professor. How perfect is this—Betty White with the Community crew? I’m already laughing just thinking about how amazing this is gonna be! Also this season, Senor Chang struggles with his transition to being a student, Troy moves into Pierce’s mansion, Jeff has to face his agnosticism head-on when a friend’s relative dies, and the group enrolls in Greendale’s new space program.

The Big Bang Theory, season premiere at 8pm on CBS

– The hit comedy series performed so well last season, both in the ratings and the awards shows, that CBS felt it could stand on it’s own two feet, helping to cement a new comedy block in it’s new time slot on Thursdays competing with NBC’s comedy block. Leonard and Sheldon are brilliant physicists, the kind of “beautiful minds” that understand how the universe works. But none of that genius helps them interact with people, especially women. All this begins to change when a free-spirited, beautiful aspiring actress named Penny moves in next door. Sheldon, Leonard’s roommate, is quite content spending his nights playing Klingon Boggle with their socially dysfunctional friends, fellow CalTech scientists Wolowitz and Koothrappali. Last season ended with Penny and Leonard breaking up and it will remain that way for now. As for Sheldon’s interesting first encounter with his female clone Amy, the sparks flew but Sheldon doesn’t have the smooth moves to woo a lady.

$#*! My Dad Says, series premiere at 8:30pm on CBS

– Bleep My Dad Says, based on the popular Twitter feed by Justin Halpern, stars Emmy Award winner William Shatner as Ed Goodson, a forthright and opinionated dad who relishes expressing his unsolicited and often wildly politically incorrect observations to anyone within earshot. Nobody is safe from Ed’s rants, including his sons, Henry (Jonathan Sadowski), a struggling writer-turned-unpaid blogger; and Vince, the meek half of a husband/wife real estate duo with domineering Bonnie. When Henry finds he can no longer afford to pay rent, Ed reveals a soft spot and invites Henry to move in with him. Henry agrees, knowing that the verbal assault will not abate and now there will be no escape. Describing their father/son relationship is tricky, but Ed will easily come up with a few choice words.

30 Rock, season premiere at 8:30pm on NBC

– Take notice of the new time slot! The multiple award-winning comedy series is told through the comedic voice of Emmy and two-time Golden Globe winner Tina Fey as variety show producer Liz Lemon, and features Emmy and two-time Golden Globe winner Alec Baldwin as top network executive Jack Donaghy along with Tracy Morgan as Tracy Jordan, the unpredictable star of Lemon’s hit variety show, “TGS with Tracy Jordan.” Lemon constantly has her hands full, juggling corporate interference from Donaghy and off-the-handle star antics from Jordan, all while attempting to salvage her own personal life. Also rounding out the cast are Jane Krakowski as Jenna Maroney, the co-star of “TGS”; Scott Adsit as the variety show’s producer Pete Hornberger; Jack McBrayer as Kenneth, the over-eager and effortlessly endearing NBC page; Judah Friedlander as Frank, the sardonic slacker on the writing staff; Katrina Bowden as Lemon’s young, flighty assistant, Cerie; and Keith Powell as Toofer, the sophisticated yet sarcastic Harvard-alum writer.

Grey’s Anatomy, season premiere at 9pm on ABC

– Big boss Shonda Rhimes says this year’s theme is rebirth. Everybody has to deal with the long-lasting emotional effects of the bloodbath in the riveting season finale. Meredith steps into the role of being everybody’s emotional rock, trying to help them heal while not dealing with the traumatizing events she went through, not only nearly being shot and seeing her hubby shot, but also suffering a miscarriage on that dreadful day. Meredith still hasn’t told Derek about the baby or the miscarriage and can’t bring herself to do so for a while. Derek, feeling the adrenaline rush that takes over when you come so close to death, deals with his trauma through sex, as only MerDer do best! In the season premiere (SPOILER ALERT), the show’s worst couple, Cristina and Owen, tie the knot. For real, I am not kidding. How stupid is that? Ridiculously stupid. Let’s hope there’s an annulment or divorce in the near future. Clearly the writers didn’t get the memo that me and every other viewer sent stating that Cristina and Owen’s relationship is seriously damaged, dysfunctional, and painful to watch and that she should be with new HOT doctor Jackson Avery. Alex and Lexie have to deal with whether they still have a relationship after a badly wounded and almost-dying Alex mistook Lexie for Izzie in his delirium. Rhimes says Alex will finally get the closure he and all us viewers need with Izzie, whether Heigl makes an appearance or not. Callie and Arizona’s baby drama is finally over but now they have to deal with a career-related obstacle. More drama and tears abound in this exciting new season of Grey’s, the show that just keeps on giving.

CSI, season premiere at 9pm on CBS

– Mega tween sensation Justin Bieber makes his acting debut on the season premiere of the hit crime procedural that moved in on Law & Order’s territory and spawned two spin-offs. CSI is a fast-paced drama about a team of forensic investigators trained to solve crimes by, here’s a new concept for investigators, examining the evidence.  They are on the case 24/7, scouring the scene, collecting the irrefutable evidence and finding the missing pieces that will solve the mystery.  Catherine Willows, a hard-working single parent with a checkered past and a teenage daughter she’s raising on her own, heads the team of investigators at the Crime Lab in Las Vegas, following previous leader Gil Grissom’s departure.  The team’s other members include Dr. Raymond Langston, a former pathologist who joins the Las Vegas Crime Lab after consulting on a serial killer case; Nick Stokes, a true-blue stand-up guy who empathizes with victims via his own experiences; and Greg Sanders, the off-beat tech analyst turned field investigator.  The CSI team members also work closely with Capt. Jim Brass, the former chief, now assigned to Homicide; Dr. Albert Robbins, the ever-professional medical examiner and his assistant, David Phillips; and David Hodges and Wendy Simms, lab technicians with specialties in trace and foreign-substance analysis.

Fringe, season premiere at 9pm on FOX

– Heading into its mind-bending third season, the critically acclaimed supernatural sci-fi series with a dedicated cult following continues to explore otherworldly cases with endless impossibilities. Set in Boston, the FBI’s Fringe Division was introduced when Special Agent Olivia (Anna Torv) enlisted institutionalized “fringe” scientist Walter (John Noble) and his globe-trotting, jack-of-all-trades son, Peter (Joshua Jackson), to help in the investigation of an airline disaster that defied human logic. After the defining case was solved and revealed to be one of a series of unusual incidents linked together, the unlikely trio supervised by Special Agent Phillip Broyles (Lance Reddick) and assisted by Junior Agent Astrid (Jasika Nicole) was formed. At the end of last season, FBI agent Olivia was trapped in a parallel world while her genetic doppelganger crossed over to take her place. The dimensionally swapped ladies will stay put for a whole as the show explores the differences between the two realities. Real Peter and Walter try to move on with their lives unknowingly alongside alternate Olivia while real Olivia conducts investigations in the parallel world with alternative Broyles and alternative Charlie (Kirk Acevedo).

The Office, season premiere at 9pm on NBC

– The hilarious award-winning mockumentary style comedy series enters its seventh season with a heavy heart as Steve Carell, who stars as Regional Manager Michael Scott, is leaving after this season to pursue other projects. One upside to losing Steve Carell? This season will be packed with classic Michael episodes, say the producers. A fly-on-the-wall “docu-reality” parody about modern American office life, the hit series delves into the lives of the workers at Dunder Mifflin paper supply company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. With unshaken enthusiasm, Michael believes he is the office funnyman, a fountain of business wisdom and his employees’ cool friend. He has no clue that his employees tolerate his inappropriate behavior only because he signs their paychecks. Rumors that a new cast member would be brought in to replace Michael the crazy boss were quickly dismissed, the producers are looking to promote from within the already stellar cast. The frontrunner? Rainn Wilson’s eccentric character Dwight. This season we can look forward to Michael’s ex and former boss Jan returning, as well as Jim examining his professional future in light of Michael’s decision to move on.

Outsourced, season premiere at 9:30pm on NBC

– NBC you have committed a grave error in pushing Parks & Recreation’s premiere date to midseason to make room for this new borderline-racist series about a call center for U.S. novelty products that has been outsourced to India. Yes, everybody relates to the annoying fact that anytime you call customer service you’re talking to someone in the third world who is reading a script off a computer, but this very “of the moment” comedy has nothing on Parks & Rec and you will feel my wrath when this crashes and burns! Please take note, I am being horribly biased because I’m going into Parks & Rec withdrawal.

Private Practice, season premiere at 10pm on ABC

– The delightful Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) divorced McDreamy, broke up with McSteamy and traded sunless Seattle for Southern California rays in this spin-off of the hit medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy. At Oceanside Wellness, renowned surgeon and OB/GYN Addison has reunited with her friends from med school, doctors Naomi (Audra McDonald) and Sam Bennett (Taye Diggs), joining them at their chic new age co-op. It the sex and drama of Grey’s but in a much smaller working space for all the co-workers to hide, therefore amping up the awkwardness. In the season opener, Violet and Pete impulsively decide to get hitched after all the drama they’ve gone through. What happens with Addison and Sam after they hooked up in last season’s finale? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

The Mentalist, season premiere at 10pm on CBS

– The hit crime procedural drama with an edge entering it’s third season stars Simon Baker as Patrick Jane, an independent consultant with the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI), who has a remarkable track record for solving serious crimes by using his razor sharp skills of observation. Within the Bureau, Jane is notorious for his blatant lack of protocol and his semi-celebrity past as a psychic medium, whose paranormal abilities he now admits he feigned. Jane’s role in cracking a series of tough high-profile cases is greatly valued by his fellow agents. However, no-nonsense Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon openly resists having Jane in her unit and alternates between reluctantly acknowledging Jane’s usefulness and blasting him for his theatrics, narcissism and dangerous lack of boundaries. Lisbon’s team includes agents Kimball Cho, Wayne Rigsby and rookie member Grace Van Pelt, who all think Jane’s a loose cannon but admire his charm and knack for clearing cases.

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New Premieres in TV: Friday, September, 24th

This week fall premieres are in full swing with over 45 season or series premieres! While it is a time for excitement and celebration, I can’t possibly fit all of those with synopses in one single post without it being an unorganized convoluted mess. Refer to the guide below for your basic information and if you want more info please click on the DAY for pictures and show overviews.

Sunday September 19th

Boardwalk Empire, series premiere at 9pm on HBO

Fantasia For Real, season premiere at 10pm on VH1

Monday September 20th

Dancing With the Stars, season premiere at 8pm on ABC

How I Met Your Mother, season premiere at 8pm on CBS

House, season premiere at 8pm on FOX

Chuck, season premiere at 8pm on NBC

Rules of Engagement, season premiere at 8:30pm on CBS

Lone Star, series premiere at 9pm on FOX

Two and a Half Men, season premiere at 9pm on CBS

The Event, series premiere at 9pm on NBC

Mike & Molly, series premiere at 9:30pm on CBS

Castle, season premiere at 10pm on ABC

Hawaii Five-0, series premiere at 10pm on CBS

Chase, series premiere at 10pm on NBC

Tuesday, September 21st

Glee, season premiere at 8pm on FOX

The Biggest Loser, season premiere at 8pm on NBC

NCIS, season premiere at 8pm on CBS

NCIS: Los Angeles, season premiere at 9pm on CBS

Raising Hope, series premiere at 9pm on FOX

Running Wilde, series premiere at 9:30pm on FOX

Detroit 1-8-7, series premiere at 10pm on ABC

Wednesday, September 22nd

Hell’s Kitchen, season premiere at 8pm on FOX

Undercovers, series premiere at 8pm on NBC

The Middle, season premiere at 8pm on ABC

Better With You, series premiere at 8:30pm on ABC

Modern Family, season premiere at 9pm on ABC

Criminal Minds, season premiere at 9pm on CBS

Law & Order: SVU, season premiere at 9pm on NBC

Cougar Town, season premiere at 9:30pm on ABC

The Defenders, series premiere at 10pm on CBS

The Whole Truth, series premiere at 10pm on ABC

Thursday, September 23rd

My Generation, series premiere at 8pm on ABC

Bones, season premiere at 8pm on FOX

Community, season premiere at 8pm on NBC

The Big Bang Theory, season premiere at 8pm on CBS

$#*! My Dad Says, series premiere at 8:30pm on CBS

30 Rock, season premiere at 8:30pm on NBC

Grey’s Anatomy, season premiere at 9pm on ABC

CSI, season premiere at 9pm on CBS

Fringe, season premiere at 9pm on FOX

The Office, season premiere at 9pm on NBC

Outsourced, season premiere at 9:30pm on NBC

Private Practice, season premiere at 10pm on ABC

The Mentalist, season premiere at 10pm on CBS

Friday, September 24th

Medium, season premiere at 8pm on CBS

Smallville, season premiere at 8pm on The CW

The Good Guys, season premiere at 9pm on FOX

CSI: NY, season premiere at 9pm on CBS

Supernatural, season premiere at 9pm on The CW

Blue Bloods, season premiere at 10pm on CBS