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The finale results day of Dancing With the Stars‘ controversial and shocking 11th season is upon us and as angry and bitter we still may be that Brandy exited the competition last week while boring Bristol made it the finale, we can no longer devote all our energy to griping about the robbery (as booted contestant The Situation would call it).

Last night, we saw top performances from the 3 finalists. Jennifer Grey never ceases to amaze (although we worry that her body will cease to give) scoring a perfect 60 out of 60. She not only killed in an aggressive yet sensual paso doble but also earned a standing O from Len with a hard-hitting, flips-abounding Freestyle with a Dirty Dancing theme and set to the tune of “Do You Love Me?” Kyle brought the funk and shook all the junk in his trunk with a hip hop Freestyle to “Tootsie Roll” in the style of Apolo Ohno’s winning performance circa Season 4. Even Bristol managed to step outside of her comfort zone long enough to dance inside a cage to Chicago’s “Cell Block Tango”, which was the lowest-scoring performance of the night — that was Mark’s bad for making Bristol imitate a famous jazz dance from an iconic Broadway production and movie. Did he not see the Season 9 finale when Dmitry’s “Hair” Freestyle cost Mya the trophy? Big mistake Mark, Bristol the Pistol might not be able to recover from that, even with her legions of Tea Party voters. Bristol’s performance was technically good and she even managed to get into character for the dance but it in no way resembled a Freestyle, which should be all-out fun and tricks.

The Freestyle has always been THE dance that determines the winner. The contestant who comes out with the best combination of technical precision and entertainment/fun has almost always been the one who gets to hoist the coveted Mirrorball high up in the air. If we judge the finalists on who should win based solely on how entertaining their Freestyle was, Jennifer Grey is hands down the most deserving, followed by Kyle (who came in very close to Jennifer), and Bristol in 3rd place. Poor Kyle is getting completely pushed to the side amidst the Bristol-in-the-Finale controversy but he gets major props for giving us loads of fun and enthusiasm every week. Jennifer did everything possible, this entire season and especially last night, to earn the trophy but we can’t all help but worry that Bristol’s Tea Party voting hijackers will steal the win for the “teen activist.” (I mean, was ANYBODY able to vote last night? I got nowhere trying to vote online.) In awaiting tonight’s finale, I feel both excitement (for the fact that Jennifer should take it all, hands down) and fear (for if Bristol ends up winning). Will you tune in despite swearing never to watch this show again after last week’s atrocity? You know you’re curious to see what happens…


As Emmy-worthy host Cat Deeley exclaimed Wednesday night on SYTYCD: the “Curse of Season 7” (aka injury) struck again for the third week in a row! Yes, after a serious injury took frontrunner Alex Wong out of the competition and left everyone in tears, followed by quiet contender Ashley last week, injury claimed another victim on Survivor: The Dance Off, as the show has been renamed by ExecProd Nigel Lythgoe. I almost could not believe it when in the opening sequence of the performance show on Wednesday I counted only 5 dancers and no Billy…why oh why?!

Billy Bell suffered a knee injury and though he was cleared by a doctor to dance this week, he smartly opted not to fearing that it would exacerbate the injury and jeopardize his future on the show, as well as, most importantly, his dance career. By resting his knee and giving it some time to heal, he would be able to perform in next week’s show without problem… if he made it through this week. The judges, harboring some contempt that I felt was uncalled for, underhandedly criticized Billy for CHOOSING not to dance.

Billy automatically fell in the Bottom 3, joined by b-boy Jose and the beautiful Robert. Despite landing in the Bottom 3 frequently, the judges could not have, in all fairness, sent Robert home. Robert attacked his solos and he delivered some great performances this week, although perhaps not the most memorable; personally I really appreciate a man who can samba like a pro! The judges could potentially vote Billy off because they disapproved of his decision, but why would they when Jose is so clearly unfit among all the brilliant dancers left? But the surprise of this week was not the Curse of Season 7 striking again, it was the judges’ shocking verdict in the results show—in an unprecedented move, the judges decided not to send anyone home this week.

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If you read my March entry that explained the drastic changes SYTYCD will undergo to make Season 7 the best season ever, then you are aware that Dance executive producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe announced the most exciting change of them all – the introduction of the All-Stars! The All-Star Pool consists of America’s favorite dancers from the 6 previous seasons to act as rotating partners for this year’s top 10. Each ‘All-star’ specializes in a specific genre of dance. It only took Nigel three weeks (since March 30th to be exact) to reveal the entire cast of all-stars for Season 7 one by one via his Twitter account @dizzyfeet but alas the time has come!

The full cast of returning finalists from past seasons along with their dance genre:

Stephen “tWitch” Boss, Season 4—Popping, Locking, Krump

Comfort Fedoke, Season 4—Hip Hop

Courtney Galiano, Season 4—Contemporary

Anya Garnis, Season 3—Latin Ballroom

Lauren Gottlieb, Season 3—Hip Hop, Jazz, and Contemporary

Neil Haskell, Season 3—Contemporary

Allison Holker, Season 2—Jazz, Contemporary, Broadway & Cultural

Mark Kanemura, Season 4—Contemporary

Pasha Kovalev, Season 3—Standard & Latin Ballroom

Kathryn McCormick, Season 6—Jazz, Contemporary, Broadway and Cultural

Ade Obayomi, Season 5—Contemporary and Classical

Dominic “D-trix” Sandoval, Season 3—Hip Hop

A couple of thoughts: On a good note, the Ballroom power couple Anya and Pasha who occasionally choreograph for Dance is back though unfortunately not dancing together. The All-Star cast is quite heavy on seasons 3 and 4, it only has 1 each from Seasons 2, 5, and 6, and none from season 1! I just think it should be a little more spread out. Also, I’m upset that Nigel ignored my request to include Season 5’s Brandon Bryant and Season 6’s Jakob both of whom turn me on with their beautiful contemporary dancing. Fortunately, Nigel mentioned that he’ll bring on other favorites for the next season. Other than that, I’m really excited to see the highest quality dancing ever on the upcoming season, which will air during the summer—this information I obtained in January through a personal conversation with judge Mary Murphy when I saw her perform in Burn The Floor on Broadway!

Nigel recently clarified via tweet the speculation that the All-Star pros will choreograph like on DWTS: “The All-Stars will NOT Choreograph. They will only dance in their own specific styles. Partners are of the opposite sex and change weekly.” Unlike DWTS, the contestants will rotate with the professional partners based on the dance genre they are assigned. Now here’s an interesting observation, there are 12 All-Stars, 6 males and 6 females, but there will only be 10 contestants that they will be partnered with and 1 will be eliminated each week. This means that each professional will not have to dance each week but rather take turns as the contestants dwindle.

Are you excited by the list of All-Stars? Anybody who you wish made the cut? Are you more excited to see the All-Stars or the contestants on the new season of Dance?

America’s Best Dance Crew, MTV’s reality street dancing competition, is celebrating its 5 year anniversary by having its former champions, including this year’s winning crew, dance on the same stage representing people in their respective community doing great charitable work. Poreotix, the all-male robotic dance crew with hilarious moves from Westminster, CA was crowned Season 5’s America’s Best Dance Crew last Thursday as it faced off against the masterful Canadian technicians Blueprint Cru. The special ABDC: Champions For Charity episode featuring the five winning crews, all hailing from the West, will surely be a show-stopping event. When else are you gonna have the best street crews in the country perform with each other on the same stage for your free viewing pleasure? If you haven’t seen Season 1 champions JabbaWockeeZ perform then you are seriously missing out, it is imperative that you tune in at 10PM EST on MTV for this special dance event.

Read on for information about what charity each crew is representing, courtesy of

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THE BEST SHOW EVER started filming season 2 in South Beach with the original cast on Monday. JERSEY SHORE: Spring Break in Miami Edition has stirred up some controversy among us fans…how can it take place anywhere other than the Jersey Shore? There are no other Italians in Miami, that would have to be for the Cuban spin-off! Well my loyal (?) followers, the Jersey Shore is not warm this time of year and if you want your next dose of Jersey Shore sooner (summer) rather than later (winter), the cast clearly had to go someplace warmer so they could start filming now. And if the cast can go to any of the top spring-break destinations, the rowdy college kids with fake IDs whiling out “Girls Gone Wild”-style in South Beach is right up the guidos’ alley.

But really, the cast can go anywhere that has a tanning salon, a gym, bars, clubs with house music, a hot tub, drunk guys who think they’re tough trying to fight Ronnie, desperate girls willing to sleep with The Situation, grenades and grenade launchers, and a refrigerator that is stocked with pickles. They just have to get the guidos on a plane, pack the quacking duck, lock up Sammi’s hair extensions in a cage and put it in the cargo hold, get an extra seat on the plane for JWOWW’s double WW’s, pay for the unusual baggage size of Pauly D’s tanning bed, ship all the “I Love The Situation” booty shorts, play Scarface during the fight and the guidos are good to go. However, Jersey Shore will remain somewhat true to its roots as the original cast will conclude season 2 by returning to the infamous spot where it all began: Seaside Heights, as reported by TV Guide. Apparently, the guidos running amuck in Miami couldn’t find any other “juiced tanned guidos” to hook up with besides each other and their excessive guido fabulousness annoyed all the Cubans straight into haters-ville.

But in other Jersey Shore news, MTV and the casting agency posted an online casting call “to explore the possibility to adding new roommates to ‘carry on the legacy,’” according to TV Guide. Eight tanned hypersexual guidos in one house is already more drama (and of course more entertainment) than anybody thought humanly possible, now they are going to add some newcomers into the sacred guido household of drunken debauchery and inappropriate hookups? Uh oh, we got a situation!

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SYTYCD has received a complete restructuring adopting a format similar to Dancing With The Stars with 10 contestants competing each season, only 1 contestant eliminated each week, and introducing professional partners called the All-Stars, which are top contestants from the previous 6 seasons of Dance. Sound fascinating? Scared to death about the future of SYTYCD? Confused as all hell? Read on…

A couple of weeks ago, FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance exec producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe took to Twitter to tease that some “shocking changes” were coming to the best dance competition show on TV. All week Nigel Lythgoe has held all Dance lovers in the palm of his hands as he announced drastic changes (one each day for the past week via his Twitter account @dizzyfeet) on the upcoming season that will change the very being of Dance as we know it. At first, the changes piece by piece didn’t seem to make any sense (how can only 1 dancer be eliminated each week, that would leave a dancer partnerless every other week?!) but once all the pieces were put together I saw a whole new vision for Dance, of how even more amazing Dance can be.

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The premiere of DWTS’s 10th season was very exciting with the most interesting and famous cast yet. I was ecstatic to see more difficult choreography right off the bat. Here is how I rank the 11 contestants based on last night’s performance, with the major difference from the judges being that I prefer natural rhythm as opposed to forced awkward hip movement. Evan and Nicole are the frontrunners this season (no surprise there): their movement is fluid and graceful and they nailed the choreography.

1. Nicole Scherzinger & Derek Hough (25)

2. Evan Lysacek & Anna Trebunskaya (23)

3. Chad Ochocinco & Cheryl Burke (18)

4. Niecy Nash & Louis Van Amstel (18)

5. Pamela Anderson & Damian Whitewood (21)

6. Shannen Doherty & Mark Ballas (18)

7. Erin Andrews & Maksim Chmerkovskiy (21)

8. Jake Pavelka & Chelsie Hightower (20)

9. Kate Gosselin & Tony Dovolani (16)

10. Aiden Turner & Edyta Sliwinska (15)

11. Buzz Aldrin & Ashly Costa (14)

I loved watching Derek and Nicole being dorks together in the rehearsal footage. This is an insanely sexy partnership, I can’t wait to see more, especially the Latin dances—flashback to the awesome head bobbing in the crotch move from the mambo competition that Derek and Joanna won last season. Nicole wowed everybody except for the grumpy old man, picking up the first 9’s of the season (2 9s and 1 7 for a total of 25, the night’s highest score). She was amazing, as I expected, because even though ballroom isn’t the same kind of dancing she does for PSD (in her own words: chest pumps and booty shaking), she does have experience learning choreography and that is a huge advantage. Besides, the chest pumps and booty shaking will certainly please Bruno in the Latin dances. I’m appointing her the Mya of this season, although hopefully she has a little more spunk than Mya, who was too shy and lacking in personality to claim the trophy last season despite being the most technically gifted.

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Last week on the season premiere of The Celebrity Apprentice, we saw as the men and women squared off in a challenge to see who could bring in the most money managing a diner. Even though Joan Rivers preferred the girl’s team in terms of service and food, thereby rewarding them with a $10,000 bonus, the ladies failed to bring in the big cash. I thought their $100/dish (as in burger) minimum was horrible but hey it worked (finally, after a very slow start) and they won! To Trump’s surprise, the men far surpassed the ladies bringing in over $57,000, most of which was in tips. Lucky for Chef Curtis on the men’s team, because if they lost the challenge with a world-class chef managing the kitchen (Rock of Love star Bret Michaels was officially chosen team leader by the ladies but Chef Curtis was really calling the shots) that would’ve been utterly embarrassing for the hot chef.

Cyndi Lauper, like a true team leader who isn’t in a competition, refused to blame anyone else for her team losing the challenge. In the end though, writer and comedian Carol Liefer got the boot when her teammates threw her under the bus after Trump interrogated them for what seemed like forever. While it wasn’t clear that Carol in particular was the weak link in the group (her skills may not have been a perfect match for the task at hand), I think the ladies didn’t put the blame on scatterbrained team leader Cyndi Lauper out of respect for her A-list starpower. Firing Carol was the best option at that point since it would have been difficult for her to work well with her teammates after they ganged up against her in the boardroom.

Can you even identify Carol in the picture? More interesting celebs I say!

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This is a good week for reality television everybody (a la Craig Ferguson)!

NBC, which is hard up for new shows after the Jay Leno fiasco, has rebooted its original reality series The Apprentice (the non-celebrity version) starring Donald Trump. This will be the show’s 6th season with a new focus on the country’s economy by casting 14 contestants affected by the recession. TV Guide reports, “The new cast will consist of people who have been laid off, are unhappy with their current career path or recently graduated with few possibilities.” Right after finishing this blog entry I am emailing the casting director to get myself on this show because if you didn’t know, all of the above apply to me and I need a job! Nobody else apply, I’m more desperate than you and I don’t need the competition just to make it on the show! In the meantime, while you are not trying to get on The Apprentice, you can watch the new season of The Celebrity Apprentice (premiere was this past Sunday) Sundays at 9 on NBC. reported today that Fox ordered a 3rd season of Kitchen Nightmares, a delightful reality series starring Chef Gordon Ramsay as he travels to failing restaurants across the country to knock some sense into its owners and staff and bring the restaurants up to par with his high standards. Kitchen Nightmares is one of my favorite shows when I’m not too busy gagging as Chef Ramsay discovers nastiness in the restaurant like spoiled food, cockroaches, and bodily fluid on the bathroom ceiling (I know right, WTF?!?!). But really, it’s a good show with plenty of real-life drama. Kitchen Nightmares is currently airing on Fridays at 9pm.

According to TVGuide, NBC also ordered a spin-off of The Biggest Loser starring trainer Jillian Michaels.  The series follows Michaels as she moves in with different families and tries to change their diet and exercise habits. Losing It With Jillian will premiere on June 1st following the premiere of America’s Got Talent.

I am not kidding. She and her two close friends traveled to Thailand in the premiere of her docu-series The Price of Beauty on VH1. One of the customs in Thailand is to eat insects because it speeds up your metabolism. After much coaxing, Jessica and her friends each eat a worm and immediately gag and almost puke for 2 minutes thereafter. It was hilarious! They said they could feel the legs on their tongue and the middle had a gooey liquid. I would gag too, nasty!
The insects were one of several comedic reliefs in the episode, which also had emotional moments. In particular, the heartwrencher was when Jessica is introduced to a woman, a former singer, who used whitening products on her skin and now her skin is permanently damaged with random blotches of pale skin over her dark skin. Jessica was moved to tears and as a viewer it also pulled at my heartstrings because this woman is now shunned by society.
Another funny moment was when Jessica and her friends ride on a tuk-tuk, a motorized rickshaw with no doors and the primary mode of public transportation in Thailand, to get around the city. I found it extremely amusing because I ride on something very similar in Peru all the time but we call it a taxi cholo. The main difference I saw is that most taxi cholos have doors, albeit unsafe but you don’t feel as much like you’re going to fall out. Here are pictures of the two for you to compare for yourself.

In this new show, Jessica is portrayed as a much more mature person than who we saw on the Newlyweds although she most definitely has not lost her sense of humor. We can watch her on this life-changing journey, and she doesn’t make it come off like a joke or completely serious either, it’s a nice balance of both, which makes for good TV. I like this show, its enjoyable and informative. Next episode is Paris, I ❤ Paris!