Sunday, April 14th

The ‘80s: The Decade That Made Us, 2-hour series premiere at 8pm on Nat Geo

– It’s, like, totally tubular. This six-part miniseries isn’t about nostalgia; it’s about the history of our modern world that spawned political, technological, cultural, and social revolutions that began in the United States and went on to dominate the world. This cultural programming event is the defining biography of a generation. It’s about a decade of people, decisions, and inventions that changed our future, told from the perspective of the unknowing history makers who lived these iconic moments. We worked out, worked harder, played harder and consumed more—because the 1980s was the decade when we went forward to the future. The first launch of the Space Shuttle triggered a technological explosion in global communications that gave birth to our modern love affair with smartphones; Madonna rolled around on stage in a wedding dress, sending shock waves through a celebrity-hungry world that can’t get enough of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry today. These and other incredible stories reveal surprising, unexpected details and twists and turns from a decade you only thought you knew. Narrated by an original member of the “Brat Pack,” Rob Lowe, The ’80s will put us back in touch with our inner Valley Girl by reliving the music, inspirational sports moments, and scenes from iconic movies and TV shows, as well as the very best (and worst) of hair and fashion.

2013 MTV Movie Awards, live awards show from 9 to 11pm on MTV

– Aussie funny lady Rebel Wilson and breakout star of “Pitch Perfect” has never hosted an awards show in the U.S. so she’s just a wee bit nervous. But Wilson, who teamed with hottie Channing Tatum for the ceremony’s promos, will have plenty of backup when she is joined by the rest of the “Pitch Perfect” cast for its first-ever live onstage performance. Other highlights will include special awards for Emma Watson and Will Ferrell, music from Selena Gomez and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (who promised to keep their pants on because there are kiddies in the audience), and fun new categories including “Best Shirtless Performance.”

Nurse Jackie, season premiere at 9pm on Showtime

– Three-time Emmy winner Edie Falco stars in this critically acclaimed dark comedy about a pill-popping nurse with a sharp tongue and serious bedside manner deficiencies. Every day is a matter of life and death in a hectic New York City hospital, but for Nurse Jackie that’s the easiest part. Between chronic back pain that won’t quit, and a personal life on the constant edge of collapse, it’s going to take a white lie here, a bent rule there, and a handful of secret strategies to relieve the pain, and stay one step ahead of total disaster. Last season, Jackie hit rock bottom and finally went to rehab; All Saints was taken over by a new director who makes life miserable for the ER staff; Kevin filed for divorce from Jackie and full custody of the girls.

The Borgias, season premiere at 10pm on Showtime

– Oscar winner Jeremy Irons stars in Showtime’s period drama The Borgias, the saga of history’s most infamous crime family. Conspiring with his ruthless sons Cesare and Juan and poisonously seductive daughter Lucrezia, the charismatic Rodrigo Borgia (Irons) will let nothing and no one stand in the way of his relentless quest for wealth and power. Mercilessly cruel and defiantly decadent, intimidation and murder are his weapons of choice in his scandalous ascension to the papacy in Renaissance-era Italy. Pope Alexander solidifies his power and influence with the help of two loyal allies, Cesare and Giulia Farnese; Juan drives a wedge between the Borgia siblings and pays the ultimate price; Della Rovere schemes to bring down the Pope. In season two, Pope Alexander solidified his power and influence with the help of two loyal allies, Cesare and Giulia Farnese. Juan drove a wedge between the Borgia siblings and paid the ultimate price; meanwhile Della Rovere schemed to bring down the corrupt Pope.

Veep, season premiere at 10pm on HBO

– Former Senator Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) has accepted the call to serve as Vice President of the United States. The job is nothing like she imagined and everything she was warned about. ‘Veep’ follows Meyer and her staff as they attempt to make their mark and leave a lasting legacy, without getting tripped up in the day-to-day political games that define Washington. Meyer’s inner circle includes: her chief of staff Amy (Anna Chlumsky), longtime press spokesperson Mike McClintock (Matt Walsh), right hand and body man Gary (Tony Hale) and secretary Sue (Sufe Bradshaw) all of whom often do battle with Dan Egan (Reid Scott) an ambitious interloper and smug White House liaison Jonah (Tim Simons).

Monday, April 15th

Defiance, series premiere at 9pm on Syfy

– In the year 2046, it’s a new Earth – with new rules. Over thirty years after various alien races arrived on Earth, the landscape is completely altered, terraformed nearly beyond recognition. To the town of Defiance, on what used to be St. Louis, comes the mysterious Nolan (Grant Bowler) and his charge, Irisa (Stephanie Leonidas). As they settle into town – overseen by the mayor, Amanda Rosewater (Julie Benz) and filled with residents like the powerful Rafe McCawley (Graham Greene), enterprising lounge owner Kenya (Mia Kirshner) and the ambitious, alien Tarrs (Tony Curran and Jaime Murray) – events begin to unfold that threaten the fragile peace this border town has fought for. As the events of Defiance unfold weekly on your TV screen, you can see how the residents’ struggles impact the game of Defiance, a high-octane, multi-platform experience from Trion Worlds! For the first time in history, a TV show and a game will exist concurrently in a shared universe, influencing and impacting the other! In the game of Defiance, players take on the role of Ark Hunters, specialists in survival, combat and tracking who brave dangerous frontiers to retrieve lost relics of advanced or alien origin in return for great financial rewards (The Arks are the ships that brought the aliens to Earth). With weapons, armor and special abilities that evolve with experience, Defiance is a gaming experience that must be played to be believed.

Logo NewNowNext Awards 2013, awards show from 10 to 11:30pm on Logo

– While some award events honor those who’ve already made it, the Nexties set their sights on brink-of-fame up-and-comers who are sparking the next big buzz in film, TV, music, and new media. With award categories like “TV You Betta Watch”, “Next Mega-Star” and “That’s My Jam”, these prizes are about celebrating talent and pop culture that’s on the verge. This year, the Logo NewNowNext Awards is thrilled to present the “Always Next, Forever Now” award to the always-fergalicious Fergie for her continuous contributions to music, pop culture and paving the way for today’s talent. The legendary Kylie Minogue will not only be appearing at, but also taking home the Dance Floor Hero award this year. The Dance Floor Hero award honors Kylie’s immortal standing in the eyes of the LGBT community. The award recognizes her for changing the landscape of dance music and becoming an icon of music, party, and dance culture. The Talk gabber Aisha Tyler will host this sixth annual award show, which will feature musical performances from Ke$ha, Tegan & Sara, and New Politics.

Tuesday, April 16th

Deadliest Catch, season premiere at 9pm on Discovery

– Capt. Sig Hansen launches the ninth season of the salty reality show with the warning that things might “get nasty,” given the number of young, hungry king-crab fishermen trying to make a name for themselves. Longtime viewers will know that it’s all relative, since Hansen is someone whose best day at the “office” is twice as bad as, and 20 degrees colder than, most people’s worst. As it turns out, the premiere features both a bitter argument between Hansen and his brother and the sight of one greenhorn coming close to losing his leg.

Storage Wars, season premiere at 9pm on A&E

– America’s most addictive treasure hunting series is back… and the bidders are ready for some more intense action. Storage Wars follows teams of bidders looking to score big in the high stakes world of storage auctions. In season four, it’s an auction standoff in Stanton, California. Darrell reemerges after scoring the biggest hit in Storage Wars history, Barry gets his motors running, and Nabila gets run up on a locker that’s fit for a dummy as celebrity ventriloquist and comedian Jeff Dunham guest stars as an appraiser. Barry brings the king of kitsch, Charles Phoenix, to “view” an auction first hand, and Jarrod buys solo only to have Brandi drag him down to the station!

Awkward., season premiere at 10pm on MTV

– MTV’s hit comedy series takes an irreverent look at the conflict, chaos and humor that defines teenage life through the eyes of 15-year-old Jenna Hamilton, whose life begins to change when a simple accident becomes an epic misunderstanding and is blown way out of proportion. Narrated in the first-person voice of Jenna’s blog posts, Awkward. captures the humor within the struggles and experiences everyone can relate to from their formative years. The series picks up in the aftermath of the accident as she must deal with a new not-so-fun stigma, while at the same time managing the other daily drama that comes with being a teenager. From a secret relationship with a popular guy, to being undermined by a mean girl, and parents who just don’t get it – Jenna’s misfortune will eventually serve as the catalyst for amazing change, but it’s not without some missteps and mishaps along the way.

Who Gets the Last Laugh?, series premiere at 10pm on TBS

– TBS puts a different twist on hidden-camera comedy with the brand new series Who Gets the Last Laugh? Hosted by Donald Faison (Scrubs), the series will pit some of the industry’s most well-known comedians and comedy actors against one another to see who can pull the most outrageous practical jokes. Executive produced by the creators of Punk’d, each week on Who Gets the Last Laugh?, three guest comedians must dream up the funniest and most outrageous pranks possible, then successfully unleash their ideas on an unsuspecting public. A live audience then determines which comedy star really got the last laugh, with the winner earning $10,000 to be given to the charity of their choice.

Wednesday, April 17th

Locked Up Abroad, season premiere at 9pm on Nat Geo

– Nat Geo’s docudrama Locked Up Abroad is the cult favorite that takes viewers inside accounts of capture, incarceration, and terror far away from home with intimate personal interviews and dramatic reenactments. This season, we’ll hear more firsthand accounts not only from those who were locked up, but also from those who were directly part of the story. Whether it is the undercover agent compiling the evidence against the suspect, or the person making the drug dealing offers… we’re going to deliver the stories from every angle. In the season premiere, Senator John McCain and former Marine Corps pilot Ernie Brace discuss their time as POWs during the Vietnam War, and the enduring friendship that resulted. Also coming up this season is an episode about the true story behind the Oscar-winner for Best Picture “Argo” featuring real-life hero Tony Mendez, the CIA officer who orchestrated one of the most amazing escapes in history.

Saturday, April 20th

Mary and Martha, TV movie premiere at 8pm on HBO

– Oscar winner Hilary Swank and Oscar nominee Brenda Blethyn star in HBO Films’ Mary and Martha, an epic journey of self-discovery as two mothers forge a unique bond after traumatic events in Africa bring them together. The two very different women – one an American interior designer and the other a British housewife – meet in Africa while they struggle with their grief and strains on their marriages. After they decide to work together to raise awareness of malaria, a preventable and treatable disease, they begin to rebuild their lives and in the process, inspire change.