Monday, March 11th

Ring of Fire, miniseries premiere from 8 to 10pm on Reelz

– Terry O’Quinn (Lost) and Michael Vartan (Alias) star in this two-part miniseries (concluding Tuesday) about a terrifying end-of-the-world scenario, no doubt a wise move by this cable network to satiate America’s unquenchable thirst for everything apocalypse. When an oil rig causes an eruption in a small town, it’s just the first in a series that could affect the dangerous Ring of Fire that contains most of the world’s volcanoes. If these cataclysmic eruptions cannot be stopped, the Earth could be headed for an extinction level event.

Tuesday, March 12th

Hell’s Kitchen, 2-hour season premiere at 8pm on FOX

Hell’s Kitchen opens its doors for the 11th time, and in the premiere, Chef Gordon Ramsay and 20 contestants will head to Las Vegas to prepare their signature dishes before a live audience, a first in Hell’s Kitchen history! These aspiring restaurateurs will endure an intense culinary academy, including a series of grueling team challenges and dinner services to prove to Chef Ramsay that they have the perfect blend of skill, poise and determination to win a life-changing grand prize: a head chef position working under Executive Chef Jeremy Berlin at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill at Caesars Palace.

Nightmare Next Door, season premiere at 9pm on Investigation Discovery

– How well do you know your neighbors? Nightmare Next Door tells the real tales of mysterious murders from behind white picket fences that rocked Middle America. Each hour bring a new murder mystery and a new look into the evil that can lurk in the heart and soul of a tight-knit community. Interviews with investigators, prosecutors, family members and/or neighbors piece together the twisting tale of a classic whodunit, and forensic experiments lead viewers into the heart of the investigation.

Dead of Night, series premiere at 10pm on Investigation Discovery

– There’s just something about the dark that awakens our primal fears. When the sun goes down, predators lurk in the shadows waiting to make a night on the town turn deadly for unsuspecting fun-seekers. Dead of Night provides a vivid glimpse into a seductive nighttime world in which darkness becomes the enemy of life itself.

Preachers’ Daughters, series premiere at 10pm on Lifetime

– Teaching kids right from wrong may take a village…except when it takes a congregation! Lifetime’s new family docuseries follows the lives of three families for a behind-the-altar look at what happens at home after the sermon concludes. Preachers’ Daughters reveals a hard-hitting but often humorous look at the lives of these pastors’ daughters as they balance the temptations every teenager faces with their parents’ strict expectations and code of conduct as influenced by their faith. What happens will change these families forever, and surprise viewers with this unvarnished peek into their lives and the universal issues all households with teenagers face daily.

Thursday, March 14th

Braxton Family Values, season premiere at 9pm on WE tv

– The reality show features the rambunctious, tight-knit Braxton sisters — Grammy Award-winning artist Toni Braxton, Traci, Towanda, Trina and Tamar — and their headstrong mother, Evelyn, and offers an inside look at their lives and the drama of family chaos. Season 2 finds the Braxton women busier and more outrageous than ever. All the girls join forces to help Toni find new background singers, while Tamar explores egg harvesting and surrogate mother options to mixed results. Trina films her first music video, and Evelyn turns the tables on Towanda by setting her up on a blind date. Things reach a boiling point during a family vacation in St. Lucia where Trina makes a shocking announcement that threatens to divide the family.

Friday, March 15th

Ron White’s Vegas Salute to the Troops 2013, special event from 10 to 11:30pm on CMT

– Comedian Ron White hosts “an evening full of laughs” featuring fellow comedians Josh Blue, John Caparulo, Kathleen Madigan, Ralphie May and Brian Regan in this third annual special filmed live at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. White is an avid supporter of the armed forces who has performed at military bases in the U.S. and around the world. In addition to the comedy performances, the special also includes interviews with Sgt. Jonny Joseph “Joey” Jones, a U.S. Marine who lost both of his legs while serving in Afghanistan, and Paige and Jeff McDonald, parents of Chris McDonald, a soldier who died in 2012 after battling post-traumatic stress disorder.