Sunday, March 3rd

The Bible, 2-hour miniseries premiere at 8pm on History

The Bible comes to life in History’s epic new series. From Genesis to Revelation, these unforgettable stories unfold through live action and cutting-edge computer-generated imagery, offering new insight into famous scenes and iconic characters. Created by producer Mark Burnett and featuring an international cast that includes Roma Downey, this 10-hour docudrama explores the sacred text’s most significant episodes, including Noah’s journey in the ark, the Exodus and the life of Jesus.

Red Widow, 2-hour series premiere at 9pm on ABC

– Marta Walraven (Radha Mitchell) seems to have an idyllic life. A stay-at-home mom in tony Marin County, just north of San Francisco, she is devoted to her three children and her husband. Behind this perfect façade, however, is a more complicated story: Evan, Marta’s husband, supports the family by exporting marijuana. Marta is familiar with the world of organized crime: her father, Andrei Petrov, and his loyal bodyguard, Luther, are Bratva – Russian gangsters – in San Francisco. It’s a world from which she and her sister Kat always wanted to escape, though they never quite did. But when Evan is brutally murdered in their driveway, everything changes. Marta’s first concern is to protect her children – and yet when FBI Agent James Ramos promises Marta justice in exchange for her cooperation, she cannot go against the Bratva code. She refuses his help. Hounded by the FBI on the one hand and by international crime boss Nicholae Schiller on the other, while also trying to raise three grieving kids on her own, Marta discovers a tenacity she never knew she had. As she hunts for the truth about her husband’s death and struggles to keep her children safe, she’ll rely on her resourcefulness, determination and her Bratva DNA like never before. But just how far is Marta willing to go in order to beat her adversaries at their own deadly game?

All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, season premiere at 9pm on NBC

– Donald Trump returns with the first-ever All-Star Celebrity Apprentice featuring favorites from the past five seasons of The Celebrity Apprentice, the celebrity-themed spin-off that completely obliterated the original Apprentice. This season, 14 of your favorite business-savvy celebrity contestants return for a second chance to raise money and awareness for their charity of choice. Bret Michaels, Lil Jon, Lisa Rinna, Dee Snider, Dennis Rodman, La Toya Jackson, and the endlessly entertaining Gary Busey are among the celebrities returning in hopes of not getting fired a second time (or third time in La Toya’s case). Every week, the celebrity contestants will work in two teams, each under the guidance of a designated project manager, to compete in business-driven tasks around New York City, using their fame, along with their proven business acumen, to win challenges. Contestants are subjected to long hours, grueling deadlines, intellectual challenges, personality clashes and intense scrutiny under the careful watch of Donald Trump and his advisors. Each task will end in the Board Room, where contestants must account for their actions and be judged by Trump and his advisors, until a member of the losing team is ultimately FIRED! The last person standing will be chosen as the Celebrity Apprentice and have the honor of delivering a $250,000 bonus check to their designated charity, in addition to avoiding the utter humiliation of being fired by Donald Trump.

Vikings, series premiere at 10pm on History

– Created and written by the executive producer of The Tudors, Vikings transports us to the brutal and mysterious world of Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel), a Viking warrior and farmer who yearns to explore—and raid—the distant shores across the ocean. His ambition puts him at odds with local chieftain Earl Haraldson (Gabriel Byrne), who insists on sending his raiders to the impoverished east rather than the uncharted west. When Ragnar teams up with his boat builder friend Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard) to craft a new generation of intrepid ships capable of conquering the rough northern seas, the stage is set for conflict. But for all its warfare and bloodshed, Vikings is also a story of family and brotherhood, capturing the love and affection between Ragnar and his wife, Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick), a respected warrior in her own right. It is the tale of Ragnar’s brother Rollo (Clive Standen), a fierce fighter who simmers with jealously; of Earl Haraldson’s wife Siggy (Jessalyn Gilsig), a dutiful beauty who may be less than loyal; and of the monk Athelstan (George Blagden), whose Christian morals clash with the Vikings’ pagan society. As ambition and innovation rattle a civilization, these characters will be put to the test—and their way of life will never be the same again.

Monday, March 4th

LA Shrinks, series premiere at 10pm on Bravo

– Bravo continues to test their theory that ANYTHING can be made into a reality show with a new series about three high-end shrinks practicing in the heart of Los Angeles. The series follows the professional lives of Dr. Venus Nicolino, PhD, a sharp-tongued life consultant and mother to four boys, Dr. Gregory Cason, PhD, a psychologist specializing in cognitive therapy and living a “monogamish” life with his partner of 23 years, and Dr. Eris Huemer, PsyD, a relationship therapist who is coming face-to-face with issues in her own marriage. Each episode of LA Shrinks will give a fly-on-the-wall look at sessions between the shrinks and their clients, but after the hour is over, the show takes a deep dive into their personal lives and exposes the often thin line between their client’s problems and their own.

World of Jenks, season premiere at 11pm on MTV

– Last season, docu-series World Of Jenks scored MTV’s highest ratings ever for a series premiere, and followed filmmaker Andrew Jenks as he moved in with twelve inspirational individuals and lived with each of them for one week. Now Jenks is back. But this time, he’s found three young people with lives so extraordinary that he had to spend an entire year experiencing life through their eyes. Kaylin is a bold and beautiful fashion designer striving to make it in New York City despite the cancer diagnosis that threatens her life. D-Real is a dancer in a crew whose video has gotten over 4.5 million hits on YouTube but whose day in the sun is shadowed by his brother’s recent murder. And Chad is last year’s fan favorite: a young guy with autism whose zest for life and friendship with Jenks is like nothing you’ve ever seen on TV before. Enlightening and uplifting, heartbreaking and hilarious, the second season of World Of Jenks promises to set a new standard for gripping documentary programming on MTV.

Wednesday, March 6th

The Rachel Zoe Project, season premiere at 9pm on Bravo

– Now a stylist and designer, Rachel Zoe has expanded her empire to include a womenswear collection of clothing and accessories, a celebrity styling department, a digital media team and her newest venture -– a blow-dry salon. She has new offices, a new styling assistant, a slew of new employees in both Los Angeles and New York…and a fabulous life that she now shares with her toddler son, Skyler. With Skyler on her hip and her husband/business partner Rodger by her side, she’ll debut her latest line, design her next, and take in shows such as designers Oscar De La Renta, Marc Jacobs, Brian Atwood, and Karl Lagerfeld at New York and Paris Fashion Weeks – all while styling clients for music video and photo shoots for such fashionistas and fashionistos as actress Jaime King, singer Karmin, model/polo player Ignacio “Nacho” Figueras. With so much at stake for Zoe, this fifth season proves that the fashion journey is never easy, but – as she would say – it is always maj.

Thursday, March 7th

Battleground: Rhino Wars, miniseries premiere at 9pm on Animal Planet

– This three-part miniseries documents the intense conflict that is centered on the worldwide commercial demand for rhino horns, an exotic commodity that’s more valuable than gold on the black market. The world-renowned Greater Kruger area of South Africa, just north of Johannesburg, is the new ground zero in a war to protect magnificent creatures on the edge of extinction. Rhinoceroses are being hunted to death by poachers who will stop at nothing to kill them just to take their horns. The death toll is astonishing; last year alone, nearly 700 rhinos were killed with baby rhinos and calves separated from their mothers and left to fend on their own. The human toll too is steep. More than 100 park rangers have been killed by these poachers in the battle to halt these criminals. The situation is worsening. This miniseries reveals the conflict between blood-thirsty poachers and one of South Africa’s anti-poaching units, which has recruited U.S. Special Forces veterans to stop the illegal, lucrative trade of rhino horns. Cameras reveal a bloody war that these elite U.S. warriors find themselves fighting, in an area where both rhinos and people are being slaughtered with increasing regularity.

Friday, March 8th

Fashion Star, season premiere at 8pm on NBC

– NBC’s reality competition series Fashion Star launches its second season featuring celebrity mentors Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and John Varvatos, and television presenter and Glamour Magazine’s fashion editor-at-large Louise Roe as host. Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue return to the show, with specialty fashion retailer Express joining as the third buyer this season. Fashion Star will give 12 eager young designers the chance to win a multi-million dollar prize of launching their original collections in three of the nation’s largest fashion retailers. Each week, the contestants are given a challenge to design clothing with a certain look, feel and function. Working with their designated team, the mentors offer insight and advice to contestants as they design their creations, shop for materials and oversee the production of their garments. The culmination of their efforts comes with an exhilarating fashion show during which they display their work to the three buyers: Caprice Willard of Macy’s, Terron E. Schaefer of Saks Fifth Avenue and Erika DeSalvatore of Express. The buyers make on-the-spot decisions to purchase and carry the designs exclusively in their stores – pledging thousands of dollars in orders and often going head-to-head to bid on an item. Those designs become available immediately after the broadcast both online and in select stores the next day. What viewers see on TV that night will be on the streets and in stores in the blink of an eye – and with just a single trip down the runway, Fashion Star can change the lives and fortunes of these aspiring designers forever.

Grimm, midseason premiere at 9pm on NBC

– This fan favorite sophomore series follows supernaturally gifted Portland Homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli), a descendant of elite criminal profiles known as “Grimms,” who can see Grimm creatures hiding in plain sight as humans. With help from his confidants, Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell, Prison Break) and Rosalee (Bree Turner, “The Ugly Truth”) – both reformed Grimm creatures, Nick must help those closest to him while still facing off against all manner of ancient evils, including royal lines dating back to the original profilers themselves, the Grimm Brothers. As Nick develops his ability to harness his inner Grimm, he begins to question what he once knew, never more so than when he is reunited with his mother (guest star Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, “Scarface”), also a Grimm, whom he thought dead for the past 20 years. A curse on his fiancée Juliette had left her in a coma and although she was awoken with an antidote, she had no memory of Nick and fell in deep lust and passion with Nick’s boss Captain Renard (a royal). When we last saw Nick, Monroe had told him the truth about Juliette and Renard’s forbidden love affair, which will explode full force in the coming episodes.