Sunday, July 24th

Same Name, series premiere at 9pm on CBS

– Each week, a famous person will trade places with a total stranger who shares their same name to experience each other’s lives. David Hasselhoff kicks off the series premiere trading lives with the other David Hasselhoff. David exchanges his glamorous Los Angeles lifestyle with his 27-year-old namesake, David of small-town Lake Jackson, Texas. The actor and electrical technician/landscaper walk in each other’s shoes and experience the other’s home life, work and outside activities. Through their interaction with family, co-workers and friends emerge moments of humor, laughter and unexpected emotion. Upcoming episodes will feature other high-profile celebrities: Boxer Mike Tyson trading places with a nurse from Zeeland, Mich,; Comedian Kathy Griffin trading places with a fiberglass saleswoman from Fayetteville, Ga.; New Orleans Saints Football Star Reggie Bush trading places with a general contractor from Danville, Ill.

Entourage, season premiere at 10:30pm on HBO

– The hit HBO series about a celebrity and his entourage living in Hollywood whose run unfortunately extended several seasons past its prime returns for its eighth and final (finally!) season. Last season, movie star Vince Chase was caught in a self-destructive downward spiral fueled by cocaine use. In the season premiere, an incredibly mellow Vince is completing a three-month stay in rehab, and later returns from rehab ready to tackle a new pet project. Super-agent Ari Gold and Mrs. Ari have separated.  Following a prenup debacle with Sloan, Eric is running his own management company.  Drama is shooting his animated series Johnny Bananas. And Turtle has invested in a tequila line and is starting a new business venture.

Monday, July 25th

The A-List: New York, season premiere at 10pm on LOGO

Thursday, July 28th

Project Runway, season premiere at 9pm on Lifetime

– It’s time to make it work! The reality competition series looking to discover the next great designer will kick off its ninth season with 20 talented designers, the most in series history, but they quickly cut 4 designers and the rest are lucky enough to take the 16 coveted spots on this season’s official cast of contestants. In the show’s 90-minute format, the new crop of designers will encounter host Heidi Klum, mentor Tim Gunn, and judges Michael Kors and Nina Garcia and top-name guest designers and judges from the worlds of fashion, film and television, including Kim Kardashian, Christina Ricci, Zoe Saldana and Malin Akerman, as they face inventive challenges, unexpected eliminations and other surprises along the way.

LA Ink, season premiere at 10pm on TLC

Friday, July 29th

Thundercats, series premiere at 8pm on Cartoon Network

Deadly Women, season premiere at 10pm on Investigation Discovery

Wolverine/Iron Man, series premiere at 11pm on G4

Saturday, July 30th

Nick & Vanessa’s Dream Wedding, special at 9pm on TLC

– After a failed attempt at newlywed life with singer Jessica Simpson, The Sing-Off host and former 98 degrees member Nick Lachey is taking another shot at marriage with his long-time girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo. Follow Nick and Vanessa as they count down the weeks to their dream wedding! Be there for Vanessa’s pursuit of the perfect dress and their journey to a secret Caribbean destination –all the while staying one step ahead of the paparazzi.

Friday Night Dinner, series premiere at 11:30pm on BBC America

– Every family has their quirks and the Goodmans —a traditional but not strictly observant Jewish family—are no exception. Every Friday night, brothers Adam and Jonny reluctantly visit their parents, Jackie and Martin, for a home cooked meal. Adam and Jonny love their parents but sometimes a mom that is obsessed with Masterchef, a dad who loves to walk around shirtless and a grandmother who shouldn’t be strutting her stuff in a bikini can be a bit too much to deal with on a regular basis. Throw in their eccentric neighbor Jim constantly interrupting dinner and it is way more than anyone can handle. It’s no wonder why the brothers turn into kids again and amuse themselves by playing pranks on each other. At least there’s never a dull moment at the Goodman residence!