Despite the happy face departing contestants put on for the cameras, exiting DWTS is rarely a truly “happy” occasion, especially if you are among the elite few joining Dance Center by becoming the first eliminated contestant of the season. However, season 12’s first elimination was met with even more sadness and laughter than usual, with a tinge of regret and wondering what could have been, as Loveline co-host and officially the least known contestant “Psycho” Mike Catherwood graced the viewers with the greatest delight of the night (even more so than mocking Chris Brown’s subpar lipsyncing and his act’s glow-in-the-dark costumes). He had no shame and just left it all on the dance floor. Mike pulled out the big guns (literally speaking his beautifully sculpted biceps) and gave us every fabulous pelvic thrust and gyration move in his arsenal with inappropriate sexy faces to match. As host king Tom Bergeron so perfectly observed, “Mike saved all his best moves for the farewell dance!”

In that moment, I was instantly hit with regret that I hadn’t recognized his brilliance sooner and voted for him, to at least feel like there was something I could’ve done to keep him on the show longer because he seems like one of the coolest people ever and I would love to date him *wink wink*

I always think the farewell dance is a little awkward because if I was one of the departing contestants I would want to a. curse out my nonexistent fans for not voting and b. get those damn cameras out of my face so I can be free to wallow in my own self-pity.

Not only did Mike give us the best farewell ever by showing off his comedic props and hidden dancing skills, but also he gave a truly genuine and heartfelt tribute to his pro partner Lacey Schwimmer (not to say that every other contestants’ praise of their partner doesn’t feel genuine and not forced). “Lacey’s a beautiful person on the outside, but she is even more beautiful on the inside,” Mike gushed as I awwwed at home and wished I could comfort him myself.

Yes, his competitive dancing was not quite at the level that we and probably he himself would have liked it to be (certainly not what Lacey wanted either) but neither are most of the other contestants’ and I have to hope that had he revealed his awesomeness before his exit, many other viewers would have fallen in love with him as I did and kept him around for longer. Needless to say I think the judges were also impressed by his moves but alas we cannot rewind time, so we are just left with the exaggerated fantasies of what could have been and the emblazoned images of what was the most memorable DWTS exit in recent history.

What did you think of the first elimination? Was anybody else compelled by “Psycho” Mike’s departing dance and comments to feel that this may have been a big mistake?