Sunday, March 13th

Sister Wives, season premiere at 9pm on TLC

– The controversial series about a real life polygamist family returns for a second season after a serious scare of facing criminal prosecution almost put a halt to the production and the family’s way of life. Cameras follow Kody Brown, his four wives Meri, Janelle, Christine and newcomer Robyn, and their combined 16 children living in Lehi, Utah as modern-day polygamists. The show highlights how they attempt to navigate life as a “normal” family in a society that shuns their lifestyle. From their unconventional family structure and living arrangements to financial challenges, each episode exposes the inner workings of a polygamist household, revealing the unexpectedly tight-knit and loving relationships between Kody’s wives. Season 1 chronicled the growing pains as Robyn and her kids assimilated into the family and the Sister Wives worked through the insecurities and uncertainties that are inevitable in their chosen way of life. In season 2, we follow the Browns as they experience the ups and downs of living a plural lifestyle, from their bold decision to “come out” as polygamists on national television to the changes brought on by their recently extended family. After the series premiere last fall, the Lehi police announced they were investigating the Browns for possible charges of polygamy but then the Utah Attorney General’s office announced it doesn’t have the resources to prosecute polygamists who have not committed serious crimes at this time, though they may still seek criminal charges against the Browns at a later date. Therefore, the Browns can keep bankrolling from this reality series that exposed their way of life and made them vulnerable to criminal prosecution.

Monday, March 14th

Wedding Wars, series premiere at 9pm on VH1

– 12 engaged couples will battle each other for the destination wedding of a lifetime while facing challenges on a remote island that will put their relationship to the ultimate test. Hosted by Michele Merkin, this new reality competition show pits teams of soon-to-be brides and grooms against each other, fighting tooth and nail for a shot at their dream wedding and incredible prizes. But, these couples are in for a huge shock when they learn they won’t be competing at a five star resort or getting any special treatment. Instead, the couples are being exiled to a remote island with little food or water and in order to win the wedding of their dreams, they must brave the elements and survive in the wilderness as they compete in trying challenges.

Meat & Potatoes, season premiere at 10pm on Food Network

– This food travel series, also known as Where’s The Beef?, follows meat-loving chef Rahm Fama as his carnivorous curiosity takes him across the country, searching out the choicest cuts of mouth-watering meat. A chef and meat nerd originally from New Mexico, Rahm is tracking down the country’s best spots for the choicest cuts of beef, pork and everything in between. He obsesses over meat with fellow chefs, local foodies, and passionate chowhounds across the United States, making several stops in each episode to sample their meaty fare. From mounds of meatballs in New York and chicken-fried steak in Texas to loaded gourmet hotdogs in Chicago and monster beef patties in Oregon, Rahm’s carnivorous curiosities uncover the most mouth-watering meats and the side dishes that so perfectly complete them.

Tuesday, March 15th

Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump, special from 10:30pm to midnight

– Commercials for this roast may have confused you into thinking it was actually a roast of Jersey Shore’s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino but the special event is actually a roast of a much bigger fish with questionable hair and ill-placed presidential aspirations, the one and only Donald Trump. It’s easy to see why the likes of Larry King, Snoop Dogg, The Situation, comedian Jeffrey Ross, and roastmaster Seth MacFarlane would think its fun to roast Donald Trump and his hair. As for why Trump would subject himself to be roasted, well come on, he would never pass up any opportunity to shamelessly promote the Trump brand, duh.

Four of a Kind, series premiere at 11pm on Lifetime

– This new family reality series follows a set of identical quadruplet sisters — one of only 63 sets of identical quads in the world — as they juggle their last year of high school in Minnesota. 18-year-old vivacious sisters Calli, Kendra, Megan and Sarah Durst endure the everyday trials, tribulations and emotions of being middle-American teenagers during one of the most pivotal times in their lives — senior year. As the sisters decide on colleges, they must deal with the possibility of splitting up, and with older brother Travis heading off to school as well, their single mother Naomi faces an empty nest for the first time in 19 years.

Wednesday, March 16th

2011 mtvU Woodie Awards, special awards show from midnight to 1am on MTV

– Community star Donald Glover has already taken the community college world by storm, and now he is looking to conquer the mtvU Woodie Awards as the show’s first-ever host. MTV’s 24-hour college network mtvU is hosting one night of music where college students make their voices heard to recognize their favorite emerging artists in this indie grammy’s-type awards show. Glover seems the perfect man for the job as the Woodies are the only awards show where the winners are determined by college students. The Black Keys lead the nominees this year with nods in the “Best Video Woodie” and “Woodie of the Year” categories. The show will also feature performances by Foo Fighters, Sleigh Bells, and Wiz Khalifa among others.

Saturday, March 19th

The Pee-wee Herman Show on Broadway, special at 10pm on HBO

– HBO presents the Broadway production of Paul Reuben’s Pee-Wee Herman Show, which brings the playhouse to life for kids of all ages. Reuben’s recent Broadway revival was based on the original stage production and his hit TV series Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. Unfortunately, the laughs of the delightful stage production don’t translate well in the taped-for-TV version.