Sunday, November 7th

Married to Rock, series premiere at 10:30pm on E!

– Because we can’t get enough reality TV shows about wives with nothing to do! Four very different women, one very unique common thread: rocker husbands and boyfriends. To survive the touring, the groupies and the mayhem, they’d better be friends!

Monday November, 8th

Conan, series premiere at 11pm on TBS

– Finally, it’s time for a cup of Coco. After the NBC late night fiasco involving a disastrous failed run featuring Jay Leno in primetime, Conan O’Brien was ousted from his brief gig as host of The Tonight Show. Nine and a half months after vacating The Tonight Show chair, Conan O’Brien makes his big return with a new TBS talk show. Andy Richter joins him again as his sidekick, as does his band, although it is renamed and sans bandleader Max Weinberg.

Tuesday November 9th

The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection, season premiere at 10pm on Bravo

– Bravo threads a brand new twist into a new season of the reality fashion competition show starring fashion icon Iman and internationally acclaimed designer Isaac Mizrahi as hosts. They will unveil 12 professional designers for a runway battle in a first-ever fashion house duel with Harper’s Bazaar’s Laura Brown serving as series judge alongside the hosts. The Fashion Show will split 12 talented men and women into two fashion houses and each “house” must work together, not only to create a cohesive collection each week, but also to produce a live fashion show in every episode. From the set, to the music and lighting, these contestants will be pushed harder than ever before as they lay it all on the line for a chance to create the ultimate collection and to win $125,000 from Tresemme.

Thursday November 11th

Burn Notice, midseason premiere at 10pm on USA

– This smash hit follows blacklisted spy Michael Westen, brilliantly played by Jeffrey Donovan, and his trigger-happy ex-girlfriend Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) as they to find out who burned him while running around Miami blowing up stuff to help people who are being targeted  by dangerous criminals. In the dramatic season 4 summer finale, Jesse (Coby Bell), who had vowed numerous times to kill the person who burned him, misses his shot. Instead, he shoots Michael in a strategic location to shoot and kill the bad guy standing behind him. The midseason premiere of the sexy spy dramedy picks up where we left off with Michael waking up in the hospital, apparently still alive after the gunshot wound. Even while still recovering from his injury, Michael can’t turn down a good case and so this week he is forced to intervene to help innocent people when a vengeful lawyer hires a paranoid bombmaker to kill off members of a local gang.

Friday November 12th

Wizards of Waverly Place, season premiere at 9:45pm on Disney

– The Emmy award winner for Best Children’s Program returns for its fourth season following the Russo clan, as the wizard siblings try to navigate their teen years while hiding the fact that they are anything but ordinary. This season Alex is tricked into revealing that she and her brothers are wizards. And that’s how you get the attention of child welfare.