Sunday, October 31st

The Walking Dead, 90-minute series premiere at 10pm on AMC

– Based on Robert Kirkman’s hugely successful and popular comic book series, AMC’s highly-anticipated new original series The Walking Dead tells the story of the weeks and months that follow after the apocalypse. Waking up in an empty hospital after weeks in a coma, County Sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) finds himself utterly alone. The world as he knows it is gone, ravaged by a zombie epidemic. A survivalist story at its core, the series explores how the living are changed by the overwhelming realization that those who survive can be far more dangerous that the mindless walkers roaming the earth. They themselves have become the walking dead.

Monday, November 1st

Mario Lopez: Saved by the Baby, series premiere at 10:30pm on VH1

– The former Saved By The Bell teen heartthrob and current host of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew is now the latest victim to the reality TV craze. Mario Lopez lives the life of the ultimate bachelor. Always surrounded by the most beautiful women at the hottest events, he is the man every woman wants and every man wants to be. But he’s about to swap parties for parenthood because Mario and his girlfriend–Courtney Mazza–are having a baby! The countdown to fatherhood has begun and there’s so much to learn before the big day.

Tuesday, November 2nd

The Will: Family Secrets Revealed, series premiere at 9pm on Investigation Discovery

– Steeped in circumstances, legal complexities and raw family emotion, a will has the ability to tear families apart or bring them together. In the new docu-drama The Will, viewers participate in the emotional and intimate journey as the final wishes of the deceased are revealed to the family members left behind. Expressed in dollars and cents, heirlooms and even last words of wisdom, a person’s will is often a telling reflection of what they perceived of their loved ones. But, what happens when there’s room for interpretation to the final will? Or worse what if a person leaves no will at all?

Circus, miniseries premiere at 9pm on PBS

Hit the road with Circus, an exciting new six-part docuseries, and take an unforgettable trip with the legendary Big Apple Circus. From the big top to the “back lot” — where the real heart of the circus beats — explore a distinctive world with its own rules, lingo and no fixed address. Get involved with the diverse characters who make up the Big Apple family. Share their fears and frustrations, triumphs and failures and find out what it really means to live life in the ring. It turns out what happens outside the ring is the most interesting part of the Circus.

Friday, November 5th

Supernanny, season premiere at 8pm on ABC

– Families across America are calling for help with their children. The one and only Jo Frost answers those calls, and changes their lives forever. From tantrums to timeouts, Supernanny gives us an all-access look into families to determine the very root of each unit’s problems. Jo identifies these, and corrects both the thinking and approaches of parenting for the family. After meticulously watching every parent employ her rules and techniques, Jo lets the family try them out on their own for a few days. During the revisit, we see parents’ attitudes change from despair to elation in the course of one episode. While we may not have children like the ones in these particular families, as viewers, we’re given techniques and advice that may help us in the future with our own kids.

Operation Wild, season premiere at 9pm on Planet Green

– Members of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission invite you to join them for the ride as they defend against the many ecological threats facing our planet’s future. See environmental crime enforcement like you’ve never seen it before. Watch as the FWC rolls out specialized equipment and a team of highly trained law enforcers who are on a mission against reckless citizens who abuse and threaten Florida’s natural preserves. They respond to calls for service where wildlife and humans intersect, often with tragic consequences. Witness the interactions with people who make irrational and illegal use of Florida’s natural areas including drunks, recreational drug users, organized criminals and host of other personalities you can only find in these often secluded natural environments. Every episode of Operation Wild will get your adrenalin pumping as the FWC gears up to do a raid on a clandestine Meth lab, responds to an alligator attack, or recovers a drowning victim from watery depths.

Saturday, November 6th

Downsized, series premiere at 9pm WE tv

– Laura and Todd Bruce, and their seven children were a happy blended American family, living a lavish life of vacations, expensive dinners, summer homes and more money than they could spend. Fast forward four years to a crippling recession, and you’ll see the Bruce’s flat broke with two homes in foreclosure, a collapsed contracting business and a daily struggle to make rent. Fearing eviction, they spring into action: dumpster diving, creating their own cleaning supplies, and exploiting their family’s struggle on this here reality series. The Bruce family’s challenge of living life with nine people on a poverty-level budget is the focus of WE tv’s new eight episode reality series. Witness a modern day “Brady-bunch” use of love, humor and discipline to navigate the very real stresses of life in modern America.