Ausiello just broke the exclusive news that the producers of Prison Break, Matt Olmstead and Nick Santora, have set plans in motion to cast the brilliant Robert Knepper in their new action-drama series Breakout Kings. Knepper will be resurrecting the role of the Prison Break villain we loved to hate the most: T-Bag! Undoubtedly one of best villainous characters in the history of television, T-Bag is a white supremacist, bisexual, rapist-murderer from Alabama. One of the Fox River Eight who escaped the prison and cut off his hand to evade recapture while on the run, T-Bad ended up where he belonged in the series finale, back in prison where his complex and chilling character could be revived if needed.

I wrote back in June that the axed FOX pilot Breakout Kings, which received praise from critics, was picked up by cable network A&E in the 11th hour. The show revolves around a group of U.S. Marshals and ex-cons that team up to apprehend escaped criminals while racing against the clock. We can speculate that T-Bag will either be a fugitive or an ex-con helping the Marshals. Breakout Kings stars Jason Cerbone, Domenick Lombardozzi, Laz Alonzo, Malcolm Goodwin, and Nicole Steinwedell.

The execs at the studio behind the two shows have already signed off on this proposal, all that is left is to make a deal with Knepper. Following Prison Break’s cancellation in 2009, Knepper was cast as the new villain in the fourth season of Heroes, which was also canceled at the end of that season. Knepper recently joined the cast of Stargate Universe for it’s second season.

So how psyched are you about this wonderful news, Prison Break fans? Are you sure to tune in now to see Robert Knepper reprise his exceptional role as T-Bag?

UPDATE: On November 5th, EW reported the exclusive scoop that Robert Knepper has officially signed on for Breakout Kings! He told EW: “I have to dust off the Southern accent. I have not seen a script. I am putting my faith in these guys’ hands. The only thing I asked was that T-Bag doesn’t die. And they said, ‘Oh, no don’t worry. He won’t.’ He came close many times but managed to cheat and escape death. He’s Teflon.” Filming is set to begin right after the Thanksgiving holiday.