Sunday August 22nd

Keeping Up With the Kardashians, season premiere at 10pm on E!

– A tempest of siblings, business and fame engulf Olympic decathlete Bruce Jenner and paparazzi fave Kim Kardashian as their huge Hollywood families collide in this hit reality show. This season, the youngest of the Jenner/Kardashian clan, Kendall and Kylie, add their own teenage drama to the mix. Meanwhile, Courtney works on her baby-daddy drama and Kim finds a new football-playing beau.

Wednesday August 25th

She’s Got the Look, season premiere at 10pm on TV Land

– The third season of TV Land’s model reality competition She’s Got The Look seeks to discover a beautiful, sophisticated and confident woman over the age of 35 who has the potential to transform herself into a successful model. Through a series of challenges such as photo shoots and fashion tests, the women are eliminated weekly until the ultimate winner is crowned. Model and Dancing with the Stars personality Brooke Burke hosts, and model/TV reporter Roshumba Williams joins SGTL veteran judges, celebrity stylist Robert Verdi and Wilhelmina President Sean Patterson.

Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?, series premiere at 10pm on ID

– Explore stories of men and women who thought they were happily married until the day they uncovered a shocking secret about their spouse that would leave them dazed and confused. From bank robbers to bigamists to spies, these compelling and sometimes startling characters will have viewers shaking their heads in disbelief and wondering how the truths behind these scandalous spouses were kept hidden for so long.

Thursday August 26th

Family Style, series premiere at 10:30pm on Food Network

– Not everybody’s going to like a reality show about an Italian restaurant. But it’s best never to take sides against the Family.

Friday August 27th

Blood Dolphins, mini-series premiere at 11pm on Animal Planet (moves to regular 9pm slot next week)

– This new three-part docu-series spotlights renowned dolphin activist Ric O’Barry’s campaign to expose the plight of dolphins worldwide. With his son, filmmaker Lincoln O’Barry, Ric picks up where the Academy Award-winning film The Cove left off, exposing the world to the shocking slaughter of thousands of dolphins in Japan. The premiere episode sees the two activists returning to Taiji, Japan, the site of the annual dolphin slaughter featured in the The Cove. There the O’Barrys try to find out if the film has caused anything to change in Taiji — with both hope and despair constantly trading places throughout the first episode.