Sunday July 25th

My Boys, season premiere with back-to-back episodes at 9pm on TBS

– The sitcom revolves around PJ Franklin, a professional sports columnist looking for love within her world, which is dominated by her group of male friends. Her “boys” are her family, which sometimes hinders PJ’s dating life, as the men she tries to date don’t know how to react to her unconventional interests and the all-important men in her life. In a continuation of last season’s cliffhanger, Bobby and Elsa decide to call off their wedding, and Bobby goes on the honeymoon trip alone. Back in Chicago Andy and his wife have a new baby, and the guys are having a moustache-growing contest. Against Stephanie’s advice PJ decides to tell Bobby how she feels about him, and she finds out that he has the same feelings. Bobby and PJ try to keep their relationship a secret but when the gang finds out, Bobby finds it difficult wearing the boyfriend hat around the guys.

I Survived, season premiere at 9pm on Bio

– This candid docu-series allows survivors to explain, in their own words, how they overcame unbelievable circumstances — offering insight into what got them through the experience that changed their lives forever. It’s storytelling at its most dramatic, most basic and most honest.

Mad Men, season premiere at 10pm on AMC

– The three-time consecutive Golden Globe and Emmy winner for outstanding drama series is back for the long-awaited premiere of season four. Set in 1960s New York, the sexy, stylized and provocative AMC drama follows the lives of the ruthlessly competitive men and women of Madison Avenue advertising, an ego-driven world where key players make an art of the sell. Last season stunned audiences with its cliffhanger finale, as Don Draper’s professional and personal lives unexpectedly imploded. In the premiere, the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Advertising Agency has relocated to its new offices in the Time & Life Building. Don Draper (Jon Hamm) has to put on a show for a Wall Street Journal reporter after a PR disaster. Meanwhile, January Jones’ Betty is anything but the perfect picture of a happy newlywed wife.

Monday July 26th

Fish Warrior, series premiere at 9pm on NatGeo

– Lifelong angler and world record-holding fisherman Jakub Vâgner embarks on extreme fishing expeditions to the most remote regions of the world. In the premiere episode, Vâgner treks deep into the Amazon in search of a river monster essentially unchanged since the Jurassic age — the arapaima. These massive predators can eat just about anything; even snatching up birds and monkeys from the water’s surface! It’s a grueling expedition, but after days in the jungle’s extreme environment, Vâgner reels in the biggest arapaima he’s ever seen. It’s a 10-foot-long specimen, measuring nearly 5 feet in girth and weighing a whopping 325 pounds!

Tuesday July 27th

Breakthrough With Tony Robbins, series premiere at 8pm on NBC

– This new series consists of inspirational, hour-long specials starring Robbins and his team of experts who will help participants and their families overcome complex challenges and personal obstacles, and turn their lives around. Anthony Robbins has served as a key adviser to renowned world and business leaders. He has an unrivaled ability to distill complex strategies into simple and powerful models that can be applied immediately to produce measurable, lasting results. Robbins, who has dedicated himself to giving through both his work and philanthropic endeavors, will inspire people to find the tools to change their own lives, and also to reach out and help others as well. Guiding the participants through a series of tough challenges that will bring them to the precipice of change, Robbins will help empower each of them to reach their personal goals.

MasterChef, series premiere at 9pm on FOX

– It is officially impossible to ever not catch Gordon Ramsay on TV all-year-round. The famous chef known for barking orders on his hit FOX series Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmare has brought a new culinary competition series to the States. MasterChef conducted a nationwide search for the best home cooks in America, and through a series of exciting elimination rounds, will turn one of them into a culinary master. Contestants will be judged and mentored by Chef Gordon Ramsay. Joining him on the judging panel are restaurateur and wine maker Joe Bastianich, owner of some of the most-celebrated Italian restaurants across the country; and Graham Elliot, the youngest four-star chef in the U.S. and mastermind behind Chicago’s first “bistronomic” restaurant. In addition to propelling the contestants to new careers as professional chefs, the winner of America’s first-ever MasterChef will also walk away with a quarter of a million dollars and will publish his or her own cookbook.

Growing Up Twisted, series premiere at 10pm on A&E

– Who couldn’t use another celebrity reality series? At least this one isn’t about a Kardashian sister or Lindsay Lohan… Dee Snider is instantly recognizable as the front man of heavy metal band Twisted Sister that was all the rage in the 80s. But really, he’s just one of six – a regular guy navigating life in the suburbs of New York with his powerhouse wife, Suzette, and their four kids. They are an off-beat but tight-knit family with children who are fiercely independent and strong-willed: Jesse is an aspiring rock musician, husband and new father; Shane is the resident comic; Cody’s a budding filmmaker; and Cheyenne is daddy’s little girl, making the tough transition to teenager. Despite their father’s rock star status, they are just like every other family… only not at all.

The Colony, season premiere at 10pm on Discovery

– What would you do in the wake of a global catastrophe? Even if you survived it, could you survive the aftermath? This reality series follows seven to ten cast members in an environment that simulates life after a global catastrophe. Season Two introduces viewers to a new group of volunteers with differing backgrounds, skills and personalities, to bear witness to how these colonists will survive and rebuild in a world without electricity, running water, government or outside communication. Filmed on 10 acres of abandoned neighborhood on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, the show’s simulated environment had been left decimated by Hurricane Katrina, a naturally occurring disaster zone that was slated to be bulldozed and turned into a public park. The series features on-going commentary and input from experts in homeland security, engineering, psychology and the medical community, with expertise and insight into what the future could look like after a biological disaster.

Wednesday July 28th

Plain Jane, series premiere at 9pm on CW

– Another shallow makeover show was just what we needed, and who else but the CW to make girls feel bad about themselves for not looking like supermodels? This new summer reality series aims to transform one woman from the inside out to reveal a brand new woman. Each of the eight episodes will feature a new “Jane” searching for the change of a lifetime. With the help of British fashion expert Louise Roe, each Plain Jane will receive a head-to-toe style transformation, including new wardrobe and confidence-building exercises. Once the transformation is complete, the formerly Plain Jane will surprise her unsuspecting crush with the new look and reveal her true feelings to him… I’m sorry but I totally missed where the show even TRIED to pretend that they would actually change “Jane” from the inside, I suppose they assume anybody who is suddenly attractive will instantly feel better inside and being proud of your appearance is really all that matters!

Thursday July 29th

Project Runway, 90-minute season premiere at 9pm on Lifetime

– The talent competition that at it’s peak brought the world the fierce Christian Syriano before it died down in a lukewarm past 2 seasons since its move to Lifetime, is back for season 8. Hosted by supermodel and fashion maven Frau Heidi Klum, the hit series provides 17 talented designers with an opportunity to launch their careers in fashion, under the watchful eye of mentor and Liz Claiborne Chief Creative Officer, the fabulous Tim Gunn. Judges, the painfully plainly-dressed Michael Kors and the queen of the death stares Nina Garcia, weigh in on the best and worst of the runway.

Jersey Shore, season premiere at 10pm on MTV

– The most highly-anticipated show of the summer has finally arrived…the show that made the “Situation,” the poof and GTL household names to everybody who is remotely tuned into pop culture, even celebrities love this guilty pleasure show that is too much fun to stop watching! The smash hit reality series stars 8 fist-pumping, tanned, Jersey guidos and guidettes whose main goals in life are to look good and hook-up with other attractive Italian-Americans. The ethnic-centered series stirred controversy among Italian-American groups who petitioned MTV to cancel the show for making all Italians look like shallow twenty-somethings who drink excessively and engage in sexually inappropriate behavior. But of course the most genius show of the past decade survived these complaints and went on to gain a huge following for itself. For the first-half of season 2, the guidos are in Miami over Spring Break enjoying the sunny weather and tearing it up Jersey-style. The area code may have changed but the drama remains the same as The Situation and Pauly D creep on girls, Snooki and Jwoww go gorilla hunting and Sammi and Ron pick up right where they left off (which, if you didn’t catch the reunion show, was a heated and dramatic break-up over Sammi’s late-night talks with the Situation!). The haters will be hatin’, the Ron Ron Juice will be flowin’ and Snooki will be Snookin’ on Season Two of Jersey Shore.

On The Road with Austin & Santino, series premiere at 10:30pm on Lifetime

– After the failed experiment that was Models of the Runway, Lifetime is trying their hand at another Project Runway spin-off, but this time they are focusing on some of the designers we love and miss. Breakout stars from seasons 1 and 2 Austin Scarlett and Santino Rice have made names for themselves on and off the catwalk with their unique styles and eyes for fashion, working with some of the biggest stars in the business. In this new reality series, the talented designers team up for the first time ever to travel to, and immerse themselves in the culture of, small towns across America to create new, dream-come-true looks for special women in unique situations as they celebrate such life milestones as anniversaries, birthdays, balls, graduations and bachelorette parties. But if you saw Austin and Santino on Runway you would know that this pair is the antithesis of a match made in heaven…or is it? Austin Scarlett is known for his personally glamorous style (and passing as a girl on the runway when a model was MIA) almost as much as for the exquisite one-of-a-kind fashions he creates. Santino Rice is known as much for his scruffy beard as his spot-on impersonations of Tim Gunn. Either adored or despised for his cutting wit and directional designs, Rice is still undeniably one of the most memorable and discussed designers from the series.