Today, Ausiello reported the official scoop that the rejected FOX pilot Breakout Kings, from the same creator of Prison Break, has found a new home on cable network A&E. The show revolves around a group of U.S. marshals and ex-cons that team up to apprehend escaped criminals while racing against the clock. I’m imagining a sort of Prison Break/White Collar mashup. Breakout Kings stars Jason Cerbone, Domenick Lombardozzi, Laz Alonzo, Malcolm Goodwin, and Nicole Steinwedell.

FOX’s decision to axe Breakout Kings back in May was particularly shocking considering it was received with high praise and was deemed a frontrunner among the pilots FOX would air this fall. Deadline reported the reason FOX passed on such a highly acclaimed pilot was due to its decision to renew its two bubble shows Lie To Me and Human Target. Despite our disappointment that FOX passed on a great opportunity, it gives me the tiniest bit of faith that the network chose to give these two other good shows a chance at success. As weird as this is to say, ABC would do well to follow FOX’s example and resurrect the brilliant comedy series Better Off Ted, which it never gave the chance to find a larger audience.

Breakout Kings will make a great fit at A&E, where they are looking to add character-driven procedural dramas to its long list of reality series. Next month, A&E will premiere The Glades, a new drama about a brilliant and difficult homicide detective recently relocated to the outskirts of the Florida Everglades.

As a staunch Prison Break fan, I am extremely excited about Breakout Kings…will you tune in?