The new surge of summer series finally arrives this week! Fan favorites premiering this week include Hell’s Kitchen, Wipeout, America’s Got Talent and Tosh.O. But the summer doesn’t really begin until the show that is synonymous with heat, sexiness and burned spy returns. Burn Notice is back for a fourth season on USA followed by the season premiere of Royal Pains, the sophomore hit about a concierge doctor for the rich and not-so-rich in the swanky Hamptons. Interestingly enough, those two shows happen to be the only scripted TV series premiering new seasons this week…apparently reality TV is the king of summer. The Biggest Loser star trainer Jillian Michaels also premieres her new series Losing It With Jillian in which she lives with families across the country to boot them back into shape and good health. PLUS: MTV claims to have found the “New Carrie Bradshaw” – Glamour blogger Shallon Lester stars in the new reality series Downtown Girls about young attractive successful women partying it up in the big apple.

Monday May 31st

Cake Boss, season premiere at 9pm on TLC

– Buddy returns with the 3rd season of Cake Boss. Buddy Valastro is one of the most successful and renowned cake artists in the United States. Master baker of Carlo’s City Hall Bake Shop in Hoboken, New Jersey, Buddy is the cake boss. He supervises a team that includes his mother, four older sisters and three brothers-in-law. And when you’re working with family on a daily basis, there is bound to be a lot of drama.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, syndication premiere on Comedy Central at 9pm with 4 back-to-back episodes

– The hit FX original comedy series comes to Comedy Central so you can relive all your favorite memories with The Gang. The series follows a group of five alcoholic, depraved underachievers who run Paddy’s Pub, a run-down bar in South Philadelphia. They are dishonest, selfish, egotistical, ignorant, greedy, rude, unethical, arrogant, and antagonistic, and are often embroiled in controversial issues. Episodes usually find them hatching elaborate schemes, conspiring against one another or others for personal gain or the pleasure of watching their downfall.

True Beauty, season premiere at 10pm on ABC

– Executive producers Tyra Banks and Ashton Kutcher team up again to put their spin on beauty in Sin City. Five gorgeous females and five hot men will live together at Planet Hollywood Hotel while they compete (they think) to become the “Face of Vegas.” Unbeknownst to them, they’ll be deliberately challenged by moral situations to see if they really are kind, generous and compassionate and have what it takes to be truly beautiful inside and out. Vanessa Minnillo and Carson Kressley play double duty as hosts and judges.

Dad Camp, series premiere at 10:30pm on VH1

– We have a national crisis on our hands and VH1 has found the solution. In no way melodramatic, the show’s website states: “In June 2009, father of two Barack Obama issued a call to the nation’s dads to “step up” and take responsibility…VH1, 3 Ball Productions, and Dr. Jeff Gardere have answered the call.”Dad Camp is a docureality show that attempts to transform 6 irresponsible soon-to-be dads into respectable fathers. Each couple has a major dilemma: she’s pregnant… but he’s not ready or willing to accept the duties of fatherhood. Dealing with guys who drink, smoke, and don’t have jobs (but do have anger issues), this is boot camp for irresponsible men who should’ve considered the consequences of their actions and now have to pay the price.

Tuesday June 1st

Hell’s Kitchen, season premiere at 8pm on FOX

– Superstar Chef Gordon Ramsay is back for a 7th season of this cutthroat culinary competition as a new crop of aspiring restaurateurs strives to show their cooking expertise in hopes of winning a life-changing culinary prize. Hoping for the coveted black chef jacket, the chefs will compete against one another, striving to survive another week and impress Chef Ramsay. Only one contestant who possesses the right combination of passion, skill and drive will become the winner.

America’s Got Talent, season premiere at 8pm on NBC

– The fifth season of the hit reality talent competition has arrived. New judge Howie Mandel joins Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan on the judges panel while Nick Cannon hosts. Singing chicken farmer Kevin Skinner was crowned the winner of season four and the victory moved the humble country singer to tears in front of the live nationwide audience.What talent does America have to show off this season? You’ll just have to tune in to see for yourself.

Wipeout, 2-hour sneak peak at 8pm on ABC

– The show that brought you the infamous big red balls is back! Each week we watch twenty-four newbies—all ages, shapes and sizes, step up to the start of the world’s largest extreme obstacle course—all with the confidence that THEY will be named the “Wipeout Champion.” Hosts John Anderson and John Henson provide the running commentary as we watch the contestants, and gorgeous Jill Wagner is downside “course-side” giving us all the one-on-one interviews with these crazy-minded folks going for it. Tune in for a two-hour blind date-themed episode of the veritable summer hit. The promos reveal hilarious random pairings that have to run through the obstacle course hand-in-hand. The new season officially premieres on Tuesday June 22nd at 8pm.

Losing It With Jillian, series premiere at 10pm on NBC

– Many families across the country are stuck in an unhealthy rut that they would love to change. In today’s society, with the pressures of work, school, family and juggling everyday life, a person’s health becomes last on their “checklist,” leading them down a path of unhealthy living. In this new life-changing alternative series, Jillian Michaels, star of “The Biggest Loser,” will provide a wake-up call for eight families across America and help them transform their lives inside and out.

Jersey Couture, series premiere at 10pm on Oxygen

– Combining unmistakable style and no-nonsense attitude, Oxygen’s newest docu-series Jersey Couture follows a New Jersey family who runs one of the Garden State’s most sought-after destinations for extravagant women’s formal wear. The Scalis (aka Jersey’s First Family of Fashion) reveal how their tight-knit family manages to live and work together while running their glamorous, over-the-top dress shop, Diane & Co.

Downtown Girls, series premiere at 11pm on MTV

– This new reality series explores the New York social scene through the eyes of the “New Carrie Bradshaw” Shallon Lester, a blogger for, and her friends: Gurj, a digital marketing guru at Atlantic Records; Nikki, a fashion boutique owner; Victoria, an aspiring attorney; and Klo, a bride-to-be. Some women come to Manhattan looking for that perfect uptown life, but these girls prefer the wild, unexpected ride that makes them Downtown Girls.

Wednesday June 2nd

Are We There Yet?, series premiere at 9pm on TBS

– Are We There Yet? opens where the popular film of the same name left off, with Nick (Crews) and Suzanne (Atkins) newly married. After six months, their family is beginning to show growing pains, from the complexities of life as newlyweds to weathering the storm of teenage children. Work makes life all the more complicated. Comedian Christian Finnegan plays Nick’s best friend and owner of a sports memorabilia store. Ice Cube plays a recurring role as Suzanne’s SWAT officer brother.

Toddlers & Tiaras, season premiere at 10pm on TLC

– On any given weekend, on stages across the country, little girls and boys parade around wearing makeup, false eyelashes, spray tans and fake hair to be judged on their beauty, personality and costumes. Toddlers and Tiaras follows families on their quest for sparkly crowns, big titles, and lots of cash.

Tosh.O, season premiere at 10:30pm on Comedy Central

– Comedian Daniel Tosh is back and ready to expose (and make fun of) some of the most ridiculous items on the Web. Anything goes for Tosh in this topical weekly series styled a la Web Soup in which he provides sarcastic commentary on Internet viral videos. Following its huge success in the 18-34 year old males demographic, the second season will feature a whopping 25 episodes.

Half Pint Brawlers, series premiere at 11pm on Spike

Half Pint Brawlers chronicles the often-absurd yet astonishing and wild adventures of one of the most extraordinary performance groups in the country. These self-proclaimed hardcore little person wrestlers, led by their gregarious owner, Puppet “The Psycho Dwarf,” entertain crowds in venues all across the U.S. with their unique brand of wrestling prowess. Along the way, Puppet deals with issues surrounding little person wrestling events while at the same time, keeping his rambunctious wrestlers in line.

Thursday June 3rd

Burn Notice, season premiere at 9pm on USA

– The sexy smash hit follows blacklisted spy Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) and his firearms and explosives enthusiast ex-girlfriend Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) as they try to find out who burned him while running around Miami blowing up stuff to help people in trouble with dangerous criminals. As always, the sex appeal and scorching heat of Miami make this show even steamier. In the season 4 premiere, Michael joins forces with the people that burned him again to help him fight whoever released Simon from prison and let him loose in Miami at the end of Season 3. He also helps Fiona and Sam protect a lawyer against the city’s most dangerous biker gang.

Royal Pains, season premiere at 10pm on USA

– The freshman hit about the successful ER doctor turned reluctant doctor for hire serving the rich in the Hamptons returns for its second season. The Hamptons’ hottest doctor-in-demand Hank Lawson finally puts his conscience at ease with making big bucks from people who don’t know what how to appreciate the value of a dollar bill by providing free service to the less fortunate who can’t afford medical care.

PLUS: Call to all New Yorkers who like free stuff! To celebrate the premiere and help out a good cause, on Thursday, June 3 from 8AM to 6PM, USA and LACOSTE will take over Greeley Square Park on 32nd & 6th in New York City to present the Royal Pains Summer Shirt Exchange. How it works: You bring a gently-used shirt to Greeley Square Park and we’ll give you a $50 LACOSTE gift card! For every shirt we collect, USA will donate $10 to Doctors Without Borders AND the shirt YOU provide will be donated by HELP USA to those in need.

Friday June 4th

The 2010 Scripps National Spelling Bee, 8pm on ABC

– If you saw the touching Lifetime original movie Akeelah and the Bee last year then you saw a glimpse as to what a stressful and difficult competition the Scripps National Spelling Bee is. This year, The Bachelor’s Chris Harrison will be hosting this knockdown dragout competition of the minds, which makes us older folk feel not-so-smart compared to these genius students.

Whale Wars, season premiere at 9pm on Animal Planet

– For the past several years, Captain Paul Watson and his Sea Shepherd Conservation Society crew have taken to the high seas to attempt to stop Japanese ships from hunting whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. Whale Wars documents the ongoing battles in the icy Antarctic waters in each adrenaline-fueled season. The new season follows the Sea Shepherds’ Whale Defense Campaign, dubbed “Operation Waltzing Matilda” in honor of Australia’s unofficial national anthem, on their 3-month journey to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary to stop whaling that the group claims is illegal and exploits a loophole in international ocean law — a loophole which the whalers claim makes their activities legal.

The Neistat Brothers, series premiere at midnight on HBO

– Van and Casey Neistat, two artists and filmmakers based in NYC, began their career in 2000. Entirely self-taught with no formal film-school education, the brothers have shot more than 200 short films, releasing much of their work on the internet and finding success in the art world. In this new unique HBO series the brothers transform their craft into eight autobiographical episodes, composed of brief films about the Neistats’ lives as they embark on “adventures” with their friends and families.