Monday April 19th

Romantically Challenged, series premiere at 9:30pm on ABC

– Alyssa Milano stars as Rebecca Thomas, a recently divorced woman, in this cheesy new comedy about four romantically challenged friends in their early thirties navigating their way through today’s tricky world of dating. Wow, what a refreshing idea for a new show!

Tuesday April 20th

The Green, season premiere at 8pm on the Sundance Channel

– Tuesday nights are all about environmental programming on the Sundance Channel. THE GREEN is an entertaining, primetime source for informative and inspirational programs about the planet we call home. Each night of the THE GREEN features a documentary and original series, combined with interstitial elements and presented by Robert Redford.

Deadliest Warrior, 90-minute “Season 1: Back For Blood” special at 8:30pm followed by the season premiere at 10pm on Spike

– This historical narrative series pits fighters from different eras against each other to see who’s the best at war and weaponry. Warrior uses experts on both sides, weapon demonstrations, re-enactments and a computer program that tabulates 1,000 possible fight outcomes to declare a winner every week. The second season kicks off with a premiere episode featuring SWAT versus Germany’s GSG-9.

Wednesday April 21st

Idol Gives Back, 2 hour special at 8pm on FOX

– Idol Gives Back, the historic Emmy Award-winning television event and music celebration has raised more than $140 million to benefit charities around the world and across the United States. This year, season 9 finalists of Idol give back and the beneficiaries include Children’s Health Fund, Feeding America, Malaria No More, Save the Children’s U.S. Programs and the United Nations Foundation.

Friday April 23rd

Party Down, season premiere at 10pm on STARZ

– This original comedy about cater-waiters in LA struggling to get their big break in show business is back for a second season with new cast member Will & Grace’s Megan Mullally as Lydia Dunfree, a recently divorced mom who moved to LA seeking stardom for her 13-year-old daughter Escapade. Unlike Megan’s character in Will & Grace, Lydia is eternally optimistic and naïve, so this should be fun! I’m super excited to see Megan Mullally back on TV in a recurring role. Jane Lynch, Kristen Bell, and Steve Guttenberg all make guest appearances this season!

Gravity, series premiere at 10:30pm on STARZ

Gravity is an offbeat dark comedy about a support group for people who have attempted suicide. Unlikely relationships are forged when the colorful cast faces the challenges and opportunities that come along with a second shot at life. Breaking Bad‘s Krysten Ritter and Ivan Sergei star as two star-crossed lovers from very different worlds who find each other through the support group joined by the likes of an aging supermodel, construction worker, hormonal teenager, and picture-perfect housewife as the group learns to live and love again in New York City.