Craig Ferguson is not only the late night talk show host who most women want to sleep with, as polled by Marie-Claire, he is also the recipient this year of the prestigious Peabody Award!

What is a Peabody you might ask? The Peabody Awards are awarded for broadcast excellence in news and entertainment. Ferguson was the only TV talk show host to win a Peabody this year, view the list of 2010 Peabody winners. If you have ever seen The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson and are wondering why such an unconventional late night show would win, then you might benefit from reading the guideline by which the Peabody is awarded: “The Award is determined by one criterion – “Excellence.” Each entry is evaluated on the achievement of standards it establishes within its own contexts.” But seriously, he possesses a rare assortment of insight, wit, playfulness, self-deprecation, mass sexual appeal—he is just the whole package, topped off with a cute Scottish accent.

Ferguson won in particular for the March 2009 episode where he interviewed Bishop Desmond Tutu, (one of his more serious interviews) but they also recognize his success with his late-night style that ventures beyond the established traditions. The Peabody Board stated: “As this fascinating, often funny interview attests, the Scottish-born Ferguson has made late-night television safe again for ideas.” No one can deny that Craigy Ferg certainly has new ideas for late night that he’s not afraid to explore on his show, such as an entire episode earlier this year dedicated to dialoguing with Stephen Fry sans audience.

Ferguson, via his handheld dinosaur puppet, teased about his win in his opening monologue on his show on Wednesday night: “The Peabody is an awesome award and its usually given to good shows and this year it was given to this show, which makes me think that the people at the Peabody have lowered their standards. I mean come on, look at this place… But honestly, we are delighted and honored to be considered a… show.” There is no denying that when it comes to self-deprecating, Craig Ferguson certainly excels and does so brilliantly, without crossing the threshold of becoming monotonous. Ferguson’s apparent lack of concern for failing makes him so entertaining to watch, he wants to make us laugh but he doesn’t have to try hard, he just talks naturally and we love it.

Craig Ferguson is the only one whose show doesn’t feel like a complete waste of time watching it and yet he’s doing nothing really except making you crack up—he is the main attraction, you watch the show for him, not for his guests or the band or prizes. He doesn’t pack the show with a ton of guests, it’s only 1 or 2 and the conversation is always laid-back, seemingly unrehearsed, and hilarious if not awkward in an awesome way, sometimes culminating in an “awkward pause,” which he saves for some of his coolest guests. What does he do the rest of the time? While there are so-called writers on the show, he makes up jokes as he goes along, very much just playing off the audience or wherever his mind wanders, and it wanders off a lot. He calls himself creepy, he disses the poor funding CBS provides his show, he makes fun of his producer signaling like a madman to cut to a commercial break, he calls his audience naked hobos, and he recruits people to follow him on Twitter and thereby join his robot skeleton army.

His show doesn’t feature a band or a sidekick …yet…Grant Imahara from Mythbusters agreed to build Craig a cool robot skeleton sidekick complete with decapitating abilities (confused are ye? Watch the show then). Catch the debut of Craig’s robot skeleton sidekick, which he named Geoff Peterson, on his show on CBS late Monday April 5th (at  12:37am on early Tuesday morning).