Breakout, Series premiere with back-to-back episodes at 9pm on National Geographic Channel
•    This compelling new series is like a real-life Prison Break (one of the best TV shows ever!), documenting some of the most high-profile jailbreaks in recent history and the ingenious detective work leading to the escapees’ eventual recapture. The premiere episode tonight focuses on “The Texas Seven,” who subdue and lock up 11 officers and workers, overpower guards in a security tower, steal weapons and drive away fully armed.  Potential for “best show ever,” its definitely on my must-list.


Saving Grace, Season premiere at 10pm on TNT
•    Holly Hunter stars as Grace Hanadarko, a smoking, bringe-drinking, and promiscuous Oklahoma City Police Detective. Her guardian angel Earl keeps a close eye on her after she runs down a pedestrian while drunk driving. Since making it through devastating tragedy in her life, Grace lives life on the edge. She’s brilliant in her job but makes very bad mistakes with her men.


V, Second half of first season premieres at 10pm on ABC
•    Earth has its first encounter with an extraterrestrial race. Calling themselves the Visitors and promoting peace, they seem to be friendly, but their congeniality may be a cover for a malevolent agenda. Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell), an FBI agent, discovers a secret about the aliens that threatens the lives of Earthlings, including her teenage son, who sees them as a sign of hope.


In Plain Sight, Season premiere at 10pm on USA
•    This cheeky drama returns for its third season. It revolves around Mary Shannon (Mary McCormack), a sexy but formidable U.S. Marshal whose job is to ensure the safety of people in the Federal Witness Relocation Program as they attempt to start new lives in the Southwest.


Known Universe, Series premiere at 10pm on National Geographic
•    While movies glamorize the world’s dramatic end, scientists study the reality of gigantic rocks crashing into the Earth’s surface. What demolished the dinosaurs could potentially end human existence in the future. Known Universe explores what is being done to prevent such an Armageddon by visiting laboratories where the technologies used to monitor the skies for near-Earth objects, including a football stadium-sized rock that will pass close to Earth on Friday the 13th, April 2029. Scientists predict it may be so close that gravity could cause a catastrophic collision.


Miami Medical, Series premiere at 10pm on CBS
•    After a tour of duty in a surgical unit during the Gulf War, Dr. Matthew Proctor (played by Jeremy Northam) heads to Miami to work at one of the premiere trauma centers in the US. Proctor and his colleagues, a workaholic, a playboy, a fresh-faced newbie just out of medical school, and the head nurse, work to save the lives of patients in that critical first hour after injury.

Hmm, suddenly trauma has become the most interesting specialty in surgery as it keeps popping up on all of the medical shows, no joke! But I laugh mainly because the freshman NBC drama Trauma (which is about paramedics in San Francisco) beat everybody, including Miami Medical, to the name. I mean Miami Medical does have the alliteration going on but its nothing genius like Grey’s Anatomy. I guess the passing on of Nip/Tuck along with the lack of plastics airtime on all shows except Grey’s (and that’s because McSteamy is too hot to give up) means that it’s no longer the “sexy” specialty. Take a moment now to mourn the passing of an era.