Last week on the season premiere of The Celebrity Apprentice, we saw as the men and women squared off in a challenge to see who could bring in the most money managing a diner. Even though Joan Rivers preferred the girl’s team in terms of service and food, thereby rewarding them with a $10,000 bonus, the ladies failed to bring in the big cash. I thought their $100/dish (as in burger) minimum was horrible but hey it worked (finally, after a very slow start) and they won! To Trump’s surprise, the men far surpassed the ladies bringing in over $57,000, most of which was in tips. Lucky for Chef Curtis on the men’s team, because if they lost the challenge with a world-class chef managing the kitchen (Rock of Love star Bret Michaels was officially chosen team leader by the ladies but Chef Curtis was really calling the shots) that would’ve been utterly embarrassing for the hot chef.

Cyndi Lauper, like a true team leader who isn’t in a competition, refused to blame anyone else for her team losing the challenge. In the end though, writer and comedian Carol Liefer got the boot when her teammates threw her under the bus after Trump interrogated them for what seemed like forever. While it wasn’t clear that Carol in particular was the weak link in the group (her skills may not have been a perfect match for the task at hand), I think the ladies didn’t put the blame on scatterbrained team leader Cyndi Lauper out of respect for her A-list starpower. Firing Carol was the best option at that point since it would have been difficult for her to work well with her teammates after they ganged up against her in the boardroom.

Can you even identify Carol in the picture? More interesting celebs I say!

A great thing about this season is Sharon Osbourne—you could just sense that these strong successful women (it didn’t seem like it in this episode but in their normal environments that aren’t so shy and boring) would just do anything not to get on Sharon Osbourne’s bad side.  Of course Sharon’s strong character makes her a frontrunner in this competition but I’m gonna go ahead and say that I think Holly is going to be a real force to be reckoned with. She was the first one to name “the weak link” and afterwards everyone agreed with her, that’s a true leader who can persuade people. Also, during the challenge she was telling everybody that somebody needed to go check the line outside for big donors but nobody listened and she couldn’t force anyone because she wasn’t the team leader. Yes she did come off like a beyatch but you know what, this is a competition and she was observing what had to be done and was trying to make it happen. She is a go-getter who doesn’t allow for any slacking off; when she is appointed team leader she is going to kick some ass. All of the other women on the team were acting too nice and noncompetitive. I’m looking forward to see when their inner beyatch comes out in future challenges as they have to turn on one another.

All the men seemed pretty mediocre to me, except for the former politician Rod Blagojevich who kept telling the customers “Those things about me aren’t true”—his drive to prove his innocence on the show seems to take priority over winning money for his charity, making him a serious weak link. Ugh, it was just annoying. Blago your career is in the toilet, doing this show is not improving your rep, we’re all just laughing at you and if you were my waiter I would send you home crying. I am probably going to have to update this post once the second episode airs tonight and I get to see more of the guys’ interaction. Can they really be that boring that nobody stood out except for Bret Michaels and Sinbad?

Both teams presented a united front, much to Trump’s chagrin and mine. Seriously, what is this bullshit? I watch reality TV for drama. The Winter Olympics had way more competitive drama than this. Shape up celebrities, bring the drama, that’s the only reason you’re on the show so entertain us damnit! Sharon, I’m counting on you tonight, don’t disappoint me!