I am not kidding. She and her two close friends traveled to Thailand in the premiere of her docu-series The Price of Beauty on VH1. One of the customs in Thailand is to eat insects because it speeds up your metabolism. After much coaxing, Jessica and her friends each eat a worm and immediately gag and almost puke for 2 minutes thereafter. It was hilarious! They said they could feel the legs on their tongue and the middle had a gooey liquid. I would gag too, nasty!
The insects were one of several comedic reliefs in the episode, which also had emotional moments. In particular, the heartwrencher was when Jessica is introduced to a woman, a former singer, who used whitening products on her skin and now her skin is permanently damaged with random blotches of pale skin over her dark skin. Jessica was moved to tears and as a viewer it also pulled at my heartstrings because this woman is now shunned by society.
Another funny moment was when Jessica and her friends ride on a tuk-tuk, a motorized rickshaw with no doors and the primary mode of public transportation in Thailand, to get around the city. I found it extremely amusing because I ride on something very similar in Peru all the time but we call it a taxi cholo. The main difference I saw is that most taxi cholos have doors, albeit unsafe but you don’t feel as much like you’re going to fall out. Here are pictures of the two for you to compare for yourself.

In this new show, Jessica is portrayed as a much more mature person than who we saw on the Newlyweds although she most definitely has not lost her sense of humor. We can watch her on this life-changing journey, and she doesn’t make it come off like a joke or completely serious either, it’s a nice balance of both, which makes for good TV. I like this show, its enjoyable and informative. Next episode is Paris, I ❤ Paris!